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To CE or not to CE - is that your question?

[Post New]by gimmegames on Sep 12, 10 12:55 AM
Today I upgraded from regular to Collector's Edition, and have been playing in Freeplay Mode all day. That mode is really the game as I want it - very happy . The regular game is so hectic and with so many critters and gadgets to deal with in a very limited space and time, that even in Casual Mode, I was having a hard time enjoying the island theme, fishing, and other good stuff in the game. Freeplay Mode gave me more control, and I like that.

Update: I hadn't played the original Ranch Rush, so I tried the demo and bought that one too lol. I really appreciate how the good stuff from the first game, like the voice acting, was carried into the second one, and the graphics were noticeably improved on. Really well done. Too many good touches to mention. I was raised in Nebraska and went to college in Hawaii, so I really can relate to this.

The more familiar I get with the gadgets and all, the more I can enjoy the Casual and Expert modes. But I really like Freeplay mode initially, where you can choose to ignore whatever stuff you're not comfortable with, or at least save it for last and take your time figuring it out.

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