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Can't get the last 4 gifts??

[Post New]by lelynch on Sep 14, 10 11:07 PM
I finished all the levels but it still says I need 4 gifts. When I go on to each venue, there is one level it wants me to play so I play it and get the gift; then, somehow I am thinking I only should have 3 left and when I go check on it, it says I have 4 gifts left to get. I go back AGAIN and try each venue that says I have one left, but I know I've completed the level it wants me to play again.

How will I ever get the last 4 gifts??? Is this a glitch in the game?? Why can I not get them to record that I've already played the level and got the present??

Help please.....


Re:Can't get the last 4 gifts??

[Post New]by snoflayke64 on Sep 20, 10 9:18 PM
Try clicking on the gazebo in the middle of the Level map. Are any of the gifts highlighted? If so, click on them. That is how you "receive" them from the bride & groom.

Hope this helps.


Re:Can't get the last 4 gifts??

[Post New]by danimojo11 on Sep 16, 14 8:30 PM
I couldn't figure it out either. I was clicking on all the items and earning the gift in the level, but not when I went back out to the wedding pavilion screen where all the gifts were.

I finally noticed the glitch: the levels that are not giving you the gifts are firecracker levels. Go to options and return the settings to normal. Those levels you are missing will be reset and you can replay them on normal, and the gifts will count!

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