Technical Problems...

[Post New]by klizb95 on Sep 15, 10 2:19 PM
I just bought this game today. Before, I downloaded the trial version, and I played it until it expired. Then today, right after I bought it and downloaded it, I opened it up, and clicked Start Game or whatever it says, and it just shut down and went back to the Big Fish Download Manager.

Has anyone had this problem? If you have, have you fixed it? Can you please tell me how to fix this?

I went to the help page and researched and found an article that said something like " My game shuts down, freezes or crashes randomly." And I tried most of what it suggested. I tried to download a new Video Card thing and when I went to Dell, I found it, but when I downloaded the down loader said there was nothing to download.

Any ideas?
Please help! I love this game!

Thanks, Kat.

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Re:Technical Problems...

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Sep 15, 10 3:30 PM
Hi klizb95,

The best thing to do is to contact Tech Support so that they can help further troubleshoot this issue. Please include any specific error messages you are receiving and any additional information you feel might help.

To contact them, click on the green envelope to the right of the screen, and then click "Contact Us" (bottom left) of the next page to reach the online web form. To submit the web form, first click "Check for Answers" to visit the Help pages, and if you still can't find an answer, you will then be able to click the "Submit" button to send your ticket to our reps.

If you're a Big Fish Game Club member, you can connect to Live Chat for real-time support through your "My Game Club" page. Chat hours are Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST.

Thank you!


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Re:Technical Problems...

[Post New]by dkd1962 on Oct 12, 10 9:31 AM
I am having the same problem.


Re:Technical Problems...

[Post New]by Reylean on Nov 9, 10 9:03 AM
I'm having the same problem. I was actually playing it at the time, I pressed continue and it just shut down. I went to restart it and I pressed play game, it shut down again. This is 2 days now.

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Re:Technical Problems...

[Post New]by SHEAR_JOY on Jun 15, 11 10:34 PM
I'm having the same problem but I got as far as Coutique room. I figure there are about 4 room left. I don't like the game that much to bother with it, I'll probably just deleted it. What a waist of $3

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