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[Post New]by JustDontTryIt on Sep 15, 10 8:13 PM
There was one particular time when the game asked for a LadyBird, it will be a ladybug.
There was another time when it asked for several bobbins, I looked and looked and couldn't find the last one. The hint went over to a dress laying in a basket....think that's right....anyhow, the last bobbin was under the dress, completely hidden, no clue what so ever that it was there, nor did the cursor change into something else to let you know something was there. Now how is a person suppose to know when something is under something else, if the cursor doesn't let you know ? Other games will have the cursor change to a magnify glass or a hand or something else to let a person know these things, but not this game. Nor does the cursor change or the game let you know where a hotspot is. So, running your cursor around, to find what to do next, does not work in this game, you just have to guess, or have supernatural powers to know what to do.
Happy gaming.

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[Post New]by ladyjan51 on Sep 17, 10 10:53 PM
Yeah I caught that (ladybird snafu) also! Since I couldn’t imagine why a ladybird should be an object, I took a chance
And clicked the ladybug. This game certainly WAS a challenge. I think the developers need a proofreader, ya think?


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[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Sep 19, 10 3:02 AM
I had a ladybug in one of these scenes that called it a beetle.

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[Post New]by prpldva on Sep 19, 10 3:15 AM
Ladybird is the name used in: UK, Ireland, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Malta, parts of Canada, while ladybug in used in the US.


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[Post New]by katbanshee1 on Sep 20, 10 5:35 PM
You know, you guys have all made my day about "Ladybird." I was born and raised in the U.S., but I was always extremely interested in entomology and science. A ladybug has many names (I knew them all, including ladybird), but it is still a type of beetle, and is also an insect. If you really want to blow your mind, they started calling the U.S. President's wives "Ladybird," right after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, beginning with President Lyndon Johnson's wife (at least that was when I was first aware of it - couldn't tell you if that was the absolute first time for sure). Go figure... They even name PEOPLE that! LOL! Wait until they mean you have to find a picture of HER! I won't even comment on her looks, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am still ROTLF... Thanks for the laugh, fellow Fishies!

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Re:Game Play Warnings

[Post New]by scarlet_11dy6 on Nov 5, 10 10:19 PM
Can I have some of what you're smoking? Are you serious?

"They" most certainly did NOT "start calling presidents' wives ladybird"! It just so happens that "Lady Bird" (2 words, capitalized) was the nickname of LBJs wife, whose real name was actually Claudia. As a baby her nurse said she was "purty as a ladybird" (in a Texan drawl natch), meaning ladybug, & a nick was born. A lake in her hometown of Austin was renamed "Lady Bird Lake" in her honor b/c she was all about beautification thru wildflowers after LBJ demised.

But there have been NO other first ladies who've EVER been called that.

Doing my darndest to slaughter dissemination of historical information wherever I roam.

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