how do i get to the shadow forest academy!!!

[Post New]by cutipie8 on Sep 18, 10 8:24 AM
im stuck i cant get to the shadow acdemy please help me!!!

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Re:how do i get to the shadow forest academy!!!

[Post New]by FireNinetails on Apr 21, 11 9:29 AM
What do you mean? You have to get the quest first then you go north until you cannot go north anymore and then go west until you see the big house. Go into the big house. Talk to the headmaster and he'll ask you for a token. You give him the token and you go to the courtyard and then talk to everyone there and then go to one of the doors I forgot which one and then you try all the doors until a key unlocks the door. Open the chest and select the uniform from the items list when you press esc on your keyboard. Then go to sleep. But I suggest getting a good sword and fighting monsters until you're bored and then go to sleep because when you go to sleep you get 5 freebie levels.

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