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[Post New]by Stevihj on Sep 18, 10 10:01 PM
The graphics are nicely done. The storyline is unique and well written. Gameplay starts out a bit rough until one gets used to it. It is alot of fun. The game is quite long and complex. And one learns a little history while playing.

This is an A-.


Ooh, I disagree about this being an A-, I'd give it an A+

[Post New]by BeckyArtImagine on Nov 29, 10 1:23 AM
Wow, I loved this game! During some time off I got sucked into this one, and had so much forget - about - all - time - and - space fun with the beautiful details and the interesting historical facts (bonus points for coming up with ones I had never heard of before, btw - it's great to hear things that are over and above the repititious common - knowledge facts), that I forgot to eat for a while and just sat gleefully in front of the computer for like 10 hours straight. That kind of take-you-away engagement is what you want in a game! Thumbs us to you guys, and by all means, those of you that are surfing the forum trying to decide on whether to take a gamble on this game or not, please, buy it!

Oh, and PS - I was very satisfied/content with the way you guys portrayed Leonardo Da Vinci - as an art student and a Da Vinci devotee, it is rare to find facts and portrayals about Leonardo from an artistic and engineering point of view, without it being dumb-ed and numb-ed down in a very patronizing, condescending, "you're the public and so you don't know anything, so we have to talk to you in primary-speak" sort of way. I usually see him described in the usual human - interest type angles, with the same five old facts about his Mona Lisa, Helicopter, War Machines, etc, and the sensationalized speculations about his private lifestyle (of which to date we really know very little about, despite people's gossip). It was nice to see a clear, honest, humble portrayal of this multi-faceted, artistic, scientific, and humanist man. Thanks for doing him and his subjects justice (and Shakespeare's, too!) without going over the top and/or fawning at his feet.

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[Post New]by oh_mags on Dec 31, 10 11:32 AM
This game has amazing graphics, complex puzzles and uses historical facts to make the game interesting.

The best part of the game is getting to go to all the different times and immerse yourself in that time and learn about that person while playing a game. The history and game flow together, so you don't feel like you are getting a boring history lesson.

Part of the game play is using different objects in scenes, which is great and makes it all nicely interactive, but sometimes it left me wanting to hit something because I couldn't figure out where in the scene to use it! All the places one would think were the right place were wrong, so you end up clicking around sometimes trying to figure out where to use the tool.

One thing bugged most about this game, the main story. You don't really find out anything about Jesse or Veronica at all. Supposedly, Veronica is the villain, but she never actually does anything villainous. There is one conversation you hear/read, that may or may not be bad, but that is it... so why is Jesse trying to stop Veronica? She finds a few notes trapped in time and decides to believe those over Veronica, notes that could be from anyone. Heck, why do I even care about Jesse? Wait, I don't. You learn nothing about her or the Flux family in this game. You don't learn any "secrets" about the Flux family or if Jesse even really is a Flux!

In short, the different time periods you go to are great... but the main story is lame and should just be skipped over.

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[Post New]by marg6043 on Dec 31, 11 4:50 PM
This game is great, I love it from the beginning to the end, I usually know if I am going to like a game even before playing the demo just by looking at the movie clip.

This one was a winner for me.

The story is interesting and it guest better as the game goes on.

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[Post New]by bessiegirl on Jul 23, 12 12:15 PM
I enjoyed this game but for the following issues:

* I really got tired of the flashing ghost items everytime I moved my curser around...I would rather have "sparkles" than these ghost items constantly breaking my concentration. Although there were sparkles too...arr
* Some of the mini games didn't even make sense...I skipped quite a few because the instructions were a bit confusing...and they got tedious.
* I found it really annoying that I couldn't progress on without the instruction panel appearing and telling me to "continue"...annoying as hell.
* the inventory bar bouncing up and down, up and down...ack!
* but the most annoying part of the game is the last "game" in which you could not skip and so you had to sit and move items around, click to make sure they were right, and if not do it again, and again and again...that is where I am now and I got tired of it. I'm sure if I check the walkthrough it will tell me exactly where to put the items, but I'm tired of the whole thing now and am going to give it a break. Despite the annoying aspects of this game I give it a 3.5 for ingenuity and fun.


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[Post New]by lijakaca on Jul 30, 12 7:00 PM
I enjoyed this game because I thought the scenario was interesting and original, but to be honest I'm tired of whole games where it's about finding bits of things. I'd much prefer a mix of this and traditional HOG. Also, jumping back and forth between scenes in case you had to use something there, to get something else, to go back and use in another scene, got boring.

Also, a lot of the puzzles I skipped because they were more trial and error, or because they were time-based and I didn't feel like trying over and over again (the steering one was not a favourite).

However, I did enjoy the story, and will probably get the next one in the series.

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[Post New]by mpg1 on Aug 4, 12 4:30 PM
Just like the other two Flux family games interesting, very complex. Some items quite small & well hidden. You have to put items together, but parts may be in other scenes. You are also given some interesting history info about the characters. A real challenge, I loved that!
My only complaint with this game was that it froze up on me a few times, so I shut down the game & restarted it. Maybe because its such a long game?

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[Post New]by Mickeycb on May 28, 13 12:30 AM
Nice fun game to play in between the more intense games. Everything is bright and cheerful. It's strictly HOS, but with a little spin on it. It is a must try!!

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[Post New]by TedsMum10 on Oct 19, 13 9:37 AM
Just downloaded this from the UK Amazon Appstore to play on my Kindle Fire HD.

At LAST a game with bright graphics, no sign of grisly ghosts, ghouls and graveyards! It also has interesting historical facts. I wish we got more like this from Big Fish.

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