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A review

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Sep 19, 10 7:44 PM
Tonight I finished A Darker Shade of Grey - this is my third in the Women's Murder Club series. Although I felt this is the weakest of the three, I still found myself glued attentively to the computer, following the story and enjoying every minute of the suspense and the puzzles. The Women's Murder Club stories are really engrossing, they drawn you completely in, present the story in a way that you discover each and every piece of evidence and suspicion about suspects right along with the main characters. You play 3 women - Lindsay, a detective; Jill - forensics, and Cindy - a reporter. Each plays a different role in the investigation. This is definitely the easiest of the three installments but was just as fun as the others. The puzzles and HOG scenes are definitely a lot easier, and although you are given 5 hints per investigation only - THIS time they carry over. I found I rarely needed to use them and by the end I had 40+ hints available to me. Another thing that I love with this series is that the puzzles are always different from what you normally come across in these games. I've played enough sliders, pipe puzzles, spot the differences to last me a lifetime. WMC series always has fun and unique puzzles that are very relevant to the storyline. Loved this game, as the other two in the series, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery!

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Re:A review

[Post New]by roxiestar74 on Nov 15, 10 9:45 PM
I just finished playing the game, and I agree with a lot of what you had to say. I have played all of the WMC games, except for Twice In A Blue Moon. Have you played Little Black Lies yet? I think that is the best one.

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