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How long do you have to wait for tech support

[Post New]by bugsnuts on Sep 19, 10 9:39 PM
I have waited nearly 4 days for a response regarding an error with this game. How much longer do i have to wait??? I don't mind paying for a game, the least they can do is ensure that it is playable. My problem is that the game freezes and loads a black screen and yet again freezes......frustrating to say the least, especially when i was enjoying it so much. Has anyone out there got a solution to the problem?

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Re:How long do you have to wait for tech support

[Post New]by _DD_ on Sep 20, 10 2:18 AM
hi bugsnuts,
sorry to hear you're having problems!
In my experience with CS, it doesn't take them 4 days to answer. First, you should have received an (automatic) reply saying that they received your mail and that it takes them 24 - 72 hours to answer your question. If you didn't get that, it could be that this mail - and the 'real' answer - got caught in your Email (spam) filter?
Maybe you can check that.

And/or: Try again. If you're a game club member, you can also use Live chat; link is on this page at the top, above the Contact Us form:

Good luck!

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