Level 58 help

[Post New]by lynndolphins on Sep 22, 10 5:39 PM
does anyone have any ideals on beating this level please help


Re:Level 58 help

[Post New]by whirled_peas on Sep 22, 10 7:43 PM
Okay lynndolphins - I finally just did it.

I built a Miller, Dairy w/Butter, Sugar w/Choc and Eggs.
Then I built a Choc Cream Pie Stand and an Ice Cream Stand.
I added another sugar farmer at one point and gave him berries too.
I used the 3 spaces on the left for 1 veggie/corn oil and 1 veggie/potato and built a fries stand.
Then I built another dairy/butter and added a muffin stand.
Important - I judged every vendor and farmer as soon as they were upgraded. This really helped..
As soon as the pie and ice cream vendors get going they make you a lot of money.
I suppose I could have upgraded my ice cream to use the berries but that's why I added the muffin stand.
I was removing the judge (after everything was judged) and adding a bandstand when I hit $8,000.
Hope this helps. Good luck!


Re:Level 58 help

[Post New]by lynndolphins on Oct 7, 10 6:35 PM
thank you it took a couple of trys do you have any idealfor level 60

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Re:Level 58 help

[Post New]by anntiem on Oct 23, 10 7:24 AM
FYI, simpler on this level is better. I purcashed the ingredients for Chocolate Ice Cream, then upgraded to butter, bought a miller and another chocolate stand and made Chocolate Creme Pies. I judged everything as soon as it was producing and built 2 bandstands. At the end I had 3 workers and a bunch of empty stalls.

Good luck!


Re:Level 58 help

[Post New]by MargieYakubovich on Mar 20, 14 12:44 PM
Anntiem is right. I forgot to build 2 bandstands (only built 1) and I just made it.

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