Level 57

[Post New]by Carmelfirst on Sep 22, 10 9:58 PM
I just can't beat this, no matter what I do. Either I don't get rid of the food fast enough or I don't make enough money. Please help!


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[Post New]by effymcl on Sep 23, 10 11:25 AM
I can't beat it either.It's the only level I can't finish with expert time. I've tried to start selling the cheese fries, then I've tried the hot dogs. It doesn't seem to make any difference.

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Re:Level 57

[Post New]by Carmelfirst on Sep 23, 10 9:32 PM
Anybody, please help!


Re:Level 57

[Post New]by iluvcatsk41 on Sep 24, 10 8:17 AM
I started by selling Hotdogs first, once there was enough money I purchased the Judge and Water service. Make sure you judge your vendors and farmers, this increases the money you get. I found once you get one part complete tear down that vendor and the customers go to one of the other vendors. At the end I had what was needed for the Burgers - 2 vendors for fast food (Burgers), 2 millers, 2 milk, 2 bread bakers. Put a Bandstand between the two Burger vendors. Or you can put the Bandstand between any vendors early in the game and reach 20 customers before reaching the sells goal. Keep vendors supplied with what is needed. I finished this level in record time.


Re:Level 57

[Post New]by effymcl on Sep 24, 10 6:30 PM
I did it! I started on this order: veggie-veggie-dairy-fries-miller-bread-meat-fast food
water-miller-dairy-bread-meat-fast food.
When the hot dog goal was complete I just upgaded the stands and torn down the cheese fry stand.
Thanks iluvcatsk41


Re:Level 57

[Post New]by Carmelfirst on Sep 25, 10 2:29 AM


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[Post New]by hrnewbie on Sep 25, 10 12:20 PM
This is definitely a complicated level that required some planning out to beat at expert. Essentially, you have 14 possible spots and you have to plan them very specifically in order to meet the deadlines. Here's how I just did it and ended up with plenty of time left over.

1. On the bottom left, build a mill. Above that a dairy and above that a baker. That takes care of the left most column.
2. Next to the baker, put pork. You won't have enough money to buy the hot dog vendor yet so reinvest in other essential items instead.
3. Skip the spot next to the pork and put corn/potatoes and then all the way on the top right put corn/oil.
4. Under the potatoes/oil put a dairy and upgrade that to cheese.
5. Next to cheese, all the way on the right, put the cheese fry stand.
6. Put flour under the milk/cheese.
7. Water goes in the bottom right corner. (No room or need for a judge in this one. I hit the money before I hit the quantity of food.)
8. Put a bakery on the left of the bottom flour stand and a pork/beef on the left of the bakery.
9. Create your hot dog stand at the top next to the pork and under that put your burgers.

I bought 4 helpers and put up quite a few trash cans to keep things moving. With this method you'll have your hot dogs, burgers, and fries all cooking at the same time which will allow you to meet all goals within the expert time frame. Don't rush with the food stands. Get up the essentials first and buy things as soon as time allows.

Good luck!


Re:Level 57

[Post New]by aleoliva86 on Oct 27, 10 1:14 PM
thanks hrnewbie !


Re:Level 57

[Post New]by Noahandme on Nov 3, 10 10:48 AM
Thanks hrnewbie!!! I had tried the other ways to reach expert but couldn't get it done. I tried your way and got it first try. Thanks so much for you help.


Re:Level 57

[Post New]by lcsdcl on Jan 1, 13 1:06 PM
Here is another winning formula. The key is to have enough wokers to get everything done without having to wait for available workers and to keep moving at all times. Reusing stalls at then end allows you to meet all goals. Keeping the trash empty is a must. Every second is important and you have to stay focused.

Keep the workers moving at all times and generally doing things in this order: clear the TRASH, STOCK the stalls, JUDGE the tables, BUILD new stalls as soon as you have the money and REPLACE the stalls with new stalls.

Hire one WORKER.

Starting at the bottom left and working up build an OIL stand, a POTATO stand and a FRY stand. Make a couple of fries. This will generate cash that you need to upgrade the fry stand later.

To the right of the fry stand build a CHEESE stand and convert the fry stand to a CHEESE FRY stand as soon as you have the funds. Keep this stocked. Hire another WORKER.

To the right of the cheese stand and across the top row build a FLOUR stand, a BAKER stand and a BEEF stand. Just below the baker build the HOT DOG stand. Keep the baker and hot dog stands stocked.

Next, below the flour stand, skip a spot and build the WATER stand. Above the water stand build a JUDGE table. Hire three more workers. Keep the trash clear at all times. Keep the judge busy at all times.

To the right of the water stand, and across the bottom, build a FLOUR stand, a MILK stand and an BAKER stand. In the last spot build the HAMBURGER stand. Keep the baker and hamburger stands stocked.

Monitor the cheese fry stand. When it has enough stock that you do not need to deliver any more to sell the last of the cheese fries you will start changing the stalls.

You do not need the oil and potato stands anymore, so tear them down and replace them with BANDSTANDS.

When you do not need the judge anymore, tear it down and replace with third BANDSTAND.

When the cheese fry stand is no longer needed tear it down and replace with BEEF stand.

When the hot dog stand is no longer needed upgrade it to a HAMBURGER stand.

Every effort to win this level came down to the last second, but this allowed me to finish in expert time with a little extra time.

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