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Crane trouble

[Post New]by vbeau84 on Sep 24, 10 1:56 AM
I am having trouble with the crane (very annoying, as I think I'm right near the end). Does anyone have step by step instructions please? (animated screenshot is too fast!).


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Re:Crane trouble

[Post New]by peglegann on Sep 24, 10 2:09 AM
This is probably of no help to you, but... I found that the first time I went into the crane it would not work properly. Had to go and do other things. Then I realised that there was another knob that I had not noticed. Middle left I think. When you can pick up the walkway it goes over to left then forward. Sorry if this is no use to you. There is a fair bit more until the end of the game.

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Re:Crane trouble

[Post New]by sinshack on Sep 24, 10 3:18 AM
It's a lot more forgiving than it seems. I agree that the animated walkthrough goes through it very fast, and I was afraid that I had to memorize the sequence. You can do many movements without penalty.

Use the left handle to raise the crane up and down - have it go down now.

Use the right handle to position the crane right or left, back or forward. Start by bringing it forward and to the right. I found it works best if you don't click directly on the handle (which is the natural place to click) - hover the curser below or to the right of the handle and you will see the arrows appear, that is the area you want to click.

The button in the middle with the hook symbol attaches the hook - if you aren't close enough it just won't attach. Try moving the crane forward or backward until it does attach.

Once you have the crane attached to the walkway (gangplank) raise it with the left lever, take it to the left and back with the right lever, then un-attach it with the hook button. It won't drop it until you are in the correct position. Don't worry about lining it up exactly - it is a "swinging load" so it will look like it is twisted clockwise from the correct position and slightly too far right, but it will release if it's in the right spot.

Hope that helps!

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Re:Crane trouble

[Post New]by tweetis53 on Sep 11, 12 11:40 AM
after i got gangplank on n did what there was to do then went back to crane it was locked!! i am stuck there n can't get outt! need help please

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