help...problem with cursor.

[Post New]by winterhaven on Sep 24, 10 9:08 PM
does anyone out there have trouble with the cursor being slow and always a few seconds behind? Because of this I can't seem to get anywhere.I like the game but I wish now I would not have bought it.. Had the same trouble with the first dinner dash also. Would love to know how to fix this. It's just to frustrating to play. If it can't be fixed, that $6.99 down the drain.Actually13.98 with both games. Don't have this problem with other games.

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Re: help...problem with cursor.

[Post New]by shylakay on Oct 20, 10 8:30 PM
I have the same is like the mouse is " slippery" or sump'n .

I also wish there was a way to fix the squirrely mouse effect.. makes it almost impossible to make goal on the really busy levels.. I am stuck in mid 20's somewhere with good upgrade to make it..but the mouse just blows everything away..

it is so tricky to click on things.. you click on the burger to put them on stove and it does not even register. just like picking them up when they are done.. you can only click on one special spot ..or she just stands there looking at you .

makes it so flusterating .

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