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It's Hammertime!!

[Post New]by PlumPuddin on Sep 25, 10 12:26 PM
Hello fishies! I've just entered chapter 4, or the place you need to repair a jug for a beekeeper. This is driving me crazy. I read the walkthru... does'nt help at all. I need a hammer to smash this brick to make clay to repair a broken jug. I have the watering can, a stick, the bees are busy with the sugar. There is no hammer on my screen. Puhleese someone, put my mind to rest and aim me right to it. I think it really isn't there. And I refuse to begin all over, since this is on the very first screen of a new chapter. Thanks for reading my rant, have a nice day, and please get back to me if you can. Thank you!


Re:It's Hammertime!!

[Post New]by susie624 on Sep 28, 10 10:42 AM
Hammer is in your tool belt upper right hand corner,click on the girl it will appear along with brush and shovel

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