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Underground Room

[Post New]by VTCT on Sep 25, 10 7:07 PM
I am in the underground room where there is a pillar with purple stones on the right. I retrieve all the items and need the next step.

No longer need the help. Found the exit myself!

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Re:Underground Room

[Post New]by AuntLois on Oct 3, 10 8:29 PM
I found everything but can't figure out how to use the purple stone. I am so stuck. Help me Please!!

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Re:Underground Room

[Post New]by auds7466 on Dec 23, 10 11:24 AM
where is the exit clicking around aimlessly keep being transported to a room to find butterflies. ok never mind i found the exit u have to use the power to break things. there are sparkles on the middle red pillar on the right that u smash through

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