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Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by Sante001 on Sep 26, 10 12:26 PM
Since the good can often get lost in the bad, I like the idea of have a threat that just talks about the "why we like the game." So, I'm starting another one here for this game.

First, let's address the hint system. This game has 4 ways to earn hints. Each one is based upon a combination of the different runes that you collect in chapter 1. When you use a hint, you have to find the matching runes to regenerate it. For example, the two hints that I liked were the "eye" and the "orb." When I needed a hint, I used these two most often. When you use the "eye" or the "orb" you're either taken to the object (the eye) or the "orb" picks it up for you and you can see it right away. Once you use the hint, you have to find the runes again to regenerate the eye or the orb. For the eye, you have to find the S, the R and the F thingy -- I love the hint system. It makes you work for it.

I played the time mode. Not sure what I will get, but you should remember to pick up the "golden crowns." Each one is worth 1000 points. I think I like the time mode, but I don't know what my reward will be -- still waiting to find out.

I liked the hidden object sceens. They are very sharp and yet, they give you a run for your money with regards to finding objects. Here is where the "eye" and "orb" really come in handy. Great job with graphics.

The dialogue, yes, it's a little too much of this, but you can hit the red arrow on the right side of the screen and move through it.

I played 1-1/2 chapters by demo times up. I wonder how many chapters there are?

I have a punch card credit burning and I will use it for this game or JP Women's Club. Both games are challenging enough to keep my interest and to earn my credits.

out of 5. Would have given it 5, but there could have been better directions.

Thanks BF and Developers for a good game --

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Re:Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by sissylu419 on Sep 26, 10 3:56 PM
Sante001...thanks for the review. I completely agree with you. I quite enjoy Merlin guiding me along and don't mind the dialogue. This game is different, and there are some unique puzzles (IMHO) I also love the music.....goes very well with the theme. I got through chapter 1 during my demo. Read in another thread that there are five chapters.....well worth my credit. I think this is a game to relax with and enjoy the rushing necessary!

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Re:Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by Audreyfavre on Sep 26, 10 8:37 PM
I agree with the above comments. Also, I read in other threads that the runes must be collected in a certain order. Not true. All you have to do is collect the runes that are needed to refill the particular hint you would like to refresh. All the runes are there in each scene as needed and a handy rune "map" is always there to let you know which runes regenerate which hints.
I may not buy this game. My taste runs more along the lines of adventure these days, but it's not a bad game at all. Definitely on my maybe list.

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Re:Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by jellow10 on Sep 26, 10 8:59 PM
I always like to read reviews before I d/l a demo and this forum has sure been a mixed bag so far. I am happy to report that I had no problems starting or playing the game. And I'm glad that there is a separate thread for those of us who are pleased with this game. I have only played the first chapter so far but have enjoyed myself totally.

There are a number of things that I like about this game:

- I find the story quite interesting and enjoyable but as a former English teacher I don't mind some story mixed in with my game.

- I like the hint system. It makes the reloading of hints more an integral part of the game rather than just a freebie.

- I like the music and the chimes that sound each time you find an object.

- Merlin's voice fits well and I don't mind that he talks slowly. I play games for pleasure and like to savor all aspects of them. Rushing through a game is not my idea of fun.

- I have not found any objects impossible to find (have used some hints) and haven't noticed any glaring spelling or grammatical errors.

This game may not be everyone's cup of tea but do try the demo. You may be pleasantly surprised. My opinion of this game is certainly much more positive than many of the comments posted. I have some credits waiting to be used and this game is a likely candidate.

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Re:Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by happyasaclam on Sep 26, 10 10:27 PM
hi fishes just swiming by.glad to know some of you like this as well as i do.i think hint system is a new idea that is fun.had no frouble with d/l .this game fits my screen . oh happy happy me.i also like to take my time &enjoy the game,i to have a code this may be the gameto use it on as far as the star goes think small.if you need more help give me a p m &i will help is a hint for all fishes if your games & pc are being slow as a may want to install more ram .i did & wow best thing i have pc acts like new. have fun fishes .just say thanks to sante001 for doing this. great idea

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Re:Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by crystalstorm on Sep 26, 10 11:12 PM
First I want to thank Sante001 for starting this thread. I realize that this forum is for those who like and those who dislike the game but tonight I wasn't in the mood for reading negativity.
What a great review jello10. I agree with you about the hint system. It's similar to other games where you have to remember to look for certain items in each scene and I have purchased many of those games for that reason. it's possible that those who were saying there was no hint system may have skipped through some of the dialogue. I used 1 hint and it only took 2 scenes to get it back. I am another who would rather relax and enjoy the play than rush through just to see how fast it can be done.
IMO this is the first game in long time with so many original ideas. It made the game so much more enjoyable. I hope other developers pick up on this idea. The game is most definitely not a rehash of someone elses idea. It also offered choice of cursors and dificulty level and no timer....yeessss. No slaps on the wrist for mis-clicks either.
Having read about Merlin's voice I wish my speakers were working. Having no sound can really affect how you perceive a game. The graphics I found to be clear with no real dark spots making most items relatively easy to find. The storyline was also different from most of what we are offered. It took me back to reading the book as a child.
A definite buy for me but I'll have to wait for a while. A shoe in for 5
Thanks once again BF.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by soob on Sep 27, 10 3:40 AM
I agree with all the above. I nearly gave it a miss after reading all the negative feedback, until realised that no one had seemed to have given the game a chance after seemingly a no hints system.
So I gave it a chance and found it different and enchanting. It is quite a long game, and I was still playing after four hours and on to chapter five. I havent quite finished but if there are only five chapters I must be near the end.
Good tale, excellent voices, crisp graphics, and quite a relaxing play.
Well done developers and good luck.

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Re:Why I Liked The Game & The Hint System

[Post New]by dory223 on Oct 3, 10 10:55 AM
Hi all you fishies that like the hints in this game. For me the hint system alone is enough for me to buy it. I got tired of just waiting on time for hints. I also like a game that you have to figure out instead of being led by the nose with a step by step of how to solve the puzzles. If I knew how long the game is I would but it. Happy gaming guys

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