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Hint system too complicated

[Post New]by October7 on Sep 27, 10 1:13 AM
I have tried to understand the comments on the hints. Firstly I am only on the 2nd scene, I do not have a journal on the left to look into and have to find the mug to proceed. The hint system is just too complicated for me. I am an older person and like things a bit simpler.

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Re:Hint system too complicated

[Post New]by Valdy on Sep 27, 10 3:22 AM
I uninstalled the game again after playing for 15 minutes. Firstly, I didn't like those graphics, just horrible.

Secondly, there were no hints for the first few scenes - I also struggled to find that mug, which is in the bottom half (halfway hidden between other things).

And thirdly... talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. I don't mind some comments, but this was just too much for me.

And yes, when we finally got the hint system, I saw 4 different things, none of which were explained right away (maybe it will be done later on), but I got so fed up with this game, I just left and deleted it again.

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Re:Hint system too complicated

[Post New]by Clay8720 on Mar 19, 11 7:11 PM
I agree with these comments here too, I tried to use the so-called hint system in the second h.o. scene, one would just move around the screen whereever I went with the mouse, but didn't do one darn thing. the others wouldn't do anything, the eye did nothing, the or, which supposedly would automatically find and pick up the object you were seeking, did nothing as well. Nor did the lightning icon.

Totally useless hint system, totally useless game. glad i am not the one that bought it because I'd be bloody well screaming for a full refund for this piece of non-work! To put it nicely.


Re:Hint system too complicated

[Post New]by callanetics on Feb 19, 12 9:34 PM
Two types show you where the items are, one zaps the item out of existence another highlights the item and moves it when you pass over it. After you use up the hint just click the runes until they give you money and at the same time they will be replenishing your hints. There is a 'rune' menu in the lower left hand corner which shows you which runes replenish which hints.

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