ropes at Easter Island

[Post New]by susie624 on Sep 28, 10 10:50 AM
Cant get the framing for my pulley together how many ropes are we supposed to have I have 8.

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Re:ropes at Easter Island

[Post New]by lilrikku32 on Sep 28, 10 8:09 PM
Did you check the walkthrough? It is on the main page here.for this game.

I just restarted a new game & I just got to this puzzle.You need to get 3 pieces of wood to make a frame,start at where statues are and go to the next screen.There are pieces of wood there.At the same time look for the pieces of rope.After getting the 3 pieces of wood and rope,go back to the statues.Go into your inventory and get the pieces of wood,put them on the statue puzzle.You should see the frame just starting ,but not complete.Now you have to be able to get on the ship to get the rest of the pulleys,some are right before you get on the ship.

After you have all the wood,all of the ropes all of the pulleys and the ships wheel you can start to raise the statues.If the frame is up,place the pulleys and ships wheel on the frame,then you can place the ropes. The ships wheel is at the sceen where you talk to the ghost captain.If you are still stuck ,check the walkthrough.

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