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Having Real "Duh" Moment Re: Level 19, Appreciate Any Help

[Post New]by Arlykat on Sep 28, 10 7:47 PM
Hey all - hope everyone is swimmingly well. Some will be annoyed because I can't recall where I was in this Elements of 4 online game but I do need some info from you. Let's see, I have gone thru 3 find the missing items between the 2 pictures thing. I'm on a section that is the 19th level. Before, all the games were the same, you had the arrows you could turn into the green paths and they would shoot and open up new sections you could use to get to the final 'place' you had to get to in order to move onto the next level. All of a sudden, level 19, there are no arrows. There are some colored circles on the left side and on the top left there is just a round medalion-like picture with about 4 uncovered round circles, different colors, and then below them, some covered colors. You click on the map and all it shows is the entire section is in the bottom left corner has one or two squares and perhaps on the top there is a destination place, or the destination place is what's in the bottom left of the map also. Then you get hints with little arrows showing you some places where you should click to get a section of the same colored circles. Yet, there is no rhyme or readon to these hints I can figure out, they seem random. Sometimes 5 red, then maybe 4 greens someplace else on the game, then maybe 6 arrows showing you where you can click next. I thought it had something to do with the order of the colored circles you can see on the upper left side in a verticle row separated from the rest of the board but I can't see anything that is even remotely close to reasoning. I play the game as fast as I can and sometimes try using mostly just the hints to then look at the map and see what progress had been made and the two squares show either none or very little movement upward toward the medalion I guess it is. BOY I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. Driving me nuts. Not feeling well, laying on the couch amusing myself with this game and to then get totally stopped by reaching the 19th level from the beginning of the game and not know what to do is, well, I'm sure everyone has been in the mood I'm in now sooner or later regarding your own frustration with whatever game you're playing. I did searches in the Elements forum and advanced forum and got no where. Sooooo, can anyone throw me a line? At this point I would like to get 'caught' up to where I am as far as plain "duh" I'm at now. Thanks a lot. (BTW, I miss the Community Games very much)

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