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Level 31--No Sushi Factory??

[Post New]by anntiem on Sep 30, 10 6:10 AM
So, I AM blind! I thought there was no sushi factory to buy on this level but I went back and looked again and it was provided from the beginning. Problem is that it's not superobvious like megacakes were and it wasn't upgradable so no picture on a sign. Rather than deleting I thought I'd leave this up in case someone else had the same problem.

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Re:Level 31--No Sushi Factory??

[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on Nov 4, 11 7:32 AM
OK, so I'm blind too. Where the heck is the sushi factory? Please answer soon, as I can't proceed without this info.


Re:Level 31--No Sushi Factory??

[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on Nov 14, 11 5:17 AM
Panic over. The sushi factory is on the top right, for anybody else who needs to know.


Re:Level 31--No Sushi Factory??

[Post New]by Mamaw01 on Jan 19, 13 7:02 AM
I made it past this level to level 40 but there is no icon on this level for the blackberry so I can't get past this level. I have deleted and reinstalled the game 3 times, still no icon. what do I do next. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Phyllis

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