The last insect?

[Post New]by nefferbeth on Sep 30, 10 8:07 AM
I liked this game and well, once I figured out you could go back to the bridge anytime to put your insects away (as long as you don't go over any hot buttons) I really wanted to get all the insects. I will admit to playing more than once in my attempt, but I just cannot find the insect that goes in the top right corner of the bridge. It is the only one missing from the walkthrough, so I guess they could not find it either. Has anyone found it? It looks pretty big. Let me know. Thanks.

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Re:The last insect?

[Post New]by DarkBrown on Sep 19, 11 3:26 PM
That was the only bug I couldn't find either. I came to this forum to find out where I missed it, only to find that no one knows where it is either. Not much of a walkthrough if it's not complete.

Huh, we may never find out. Darn!

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