Episode 3 level 7, 8, 9

[Post New]by suzy09 on Oct 1, 10 10:05 AM
I have tried to get expert in these levels but always not enough time. Tried starting different but always miss expert level. Any help would be appreciated. Also, any other games similar to this one, except my kingdom for the princess. I have played those. Thanks.

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Re:Episode 3 level 7, 8, 9

[Post New]by peutetre on Oct 1, 10 2:03 PM
Forgotten Lands, First Colony is somewhat similar--you have to build various buildings and collect resources although there's no running around.

Royal Envoy is very similar and is an excellent game!

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Re:Episode 3 level 7, 8, 9

[Post New]by cstdenis on Oct 2, 10 8:03 PM
There's another new one out "Aerie" which is similar as well.


Re:Episode 3 level 7, 8, 9

[Post New]by xmassnowmen on Feb 8, 14 3:41 PM
I just put up a new discussion that will get you Expert on any level with time to spare.
The trick is to not build your farm, quarry, gold, and wood past the 2 level!
Build up the camp and especially the storage early to the max.

The reason that this works is that it takes 10 seconds to build the next level, and then the delivery times are upped from 14 sec. to 19 to 21. You loose a lot of time and make it up and more with the storage resource bonuses and the quicker delivery.

Enjoy getting Expert


Re:Episode 3 level 7, 8, 9

[Post New]by gamergirl001 on Mar 7, 14 12:06 PM
On E3 Level 9 - do up the food toward the end when you start building the road.
Thanks for the advice about only level 2 and getting the storage up ASAP... I've done this level 20 times and have FINALLY got it done before the time ran out!!! THANKS!

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