Twisted Lands

[Post New]by babsala38 on Oct 1, 10 2:40 PM
Please help, I cannot get 8641 from red to green.

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Re:Twisted Lands

[Post New]by mrsbigbig on Oct 3, 10 8:39 AM
Can you be a little more specific please? Not sure where you're at in the game.

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Re:Twisted Lands

[Post New]by jupiter51 on Oct 3, 10 12:08 PM
You're talking about the door to get to the sub right?

If the first number is correct it will light up on the panel in green, if it's not correct then it will light up in red.

So, click on the 1 - if it's red then hit the clear right away and try the 4 - if it's red then clear it and try the 6 or 8. One of them will be green and then you have your first correct number. Use the same process to find the second, third and fourth correct numbers by clicking on your first correct number and then one of the remaining 3 numbers.


Re:Twisted Lands

[Post New]by tripit on Oct 5, 10 2:50 PM
The door combination to the sub is 8641, but it still won't open! Help.


Re:Twisted Lands

[Post New]by Boomlady on Oct 9, 10 8:59 AM
can't continue, same problem here and I did every number over and over - no green light.........
what did you all do ? I do not want to start all over again............
please help

and yes, I have used every number - nothing turns green -

I will ask for a refund - I can't play the game further !!!

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