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[Post New]by Mrs_Kim on Sep 4, 10 7:14 AM
Could you help me please..
I am now still in the beginning.. I have the wrench, the law shears, a 'V' for typewriter, a damp cloth, a belt (I think), and I want to go pass the door next to Emma and Charles statue (with the skeleton bird). I dont know which direction I should make it into.. I cannot skip it cos there isn't any button for that..
Could anyone help? thank you..


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[Post New]by mack64 on Oct 18, 10 2:10 PM
I am stuck, after the twins room, you state to go back to school and get the bug repellent, but the room is dark? for the life of me I cannot figure out how to turn the light on, even though I did it before. Help


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[Post New]by murder1 on Nov 8, 10 6:30 AM
need help with celler door andstove in toy shop
stuck for 3 days some one please healp

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[Post New]by LizzieK on Nov 8, 10 9:00 AM
murder1 wrote:need help with celler door andstove in toy shop
stuck for 3 days some one please healp
To unlock the Schoolhouse Cellar Door you have to go to the Gingerbread House and get the pink & green Potholder from a hidden object game.

Look at the temperature scratched in the lower left corner of the Cellar Door. Be sure you are on the one that matches the one scratched on the door in your current game.

Go to the Toy Store and use the Potholder to set the temperature to match what is on the Cellar Door.

Then look at the pattern of circles that light up on the top of the stove. Remember you are looking at it sideways at an angle. Keep that in mind when you go back to the cellar door because you will be looking at the cellar door at a straight ahead view.

Go back to the cellar door and press the red circles until they match the pattern that was on the stove. Click on the button and the doors will open slightly. Then you will be back in the street in front of the Schoolhouse. Go back to the cellar door and you can now see inside.

Good luck!

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[Post New]by jonell2 on Dec 14, 10 4:21 PM
cannot solve the puzzle before walk through the garden to the cemetary

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[Post New]by catlover959 on Jan 15, 11 5:21 PM
i can't find the door knob in girls bedroom. not bug repllent.

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[Post New]by LizzieK on Jan 15, 11 5:26 PM
catlover959 wrote:i can't find the door knob in girls bedroom. not bug repllent.
The door knob is in a HOG in the Toy Store display case.
The bug spray is in a HOG in the Schoolhouse.

Good luck!


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[Post New]by TerraCeia on Dec 4, 12 4:20 AM
I am fine until I get back to the garden to do a HO on the male statue. Nothing. Later, since I have just continued without the screwdriver, hoping to get it later, I have no HO scene in the General Store after replacing the fuse & again, back at the Beauty Parlor. I have restarted the game several times & even reloaded the game, to no avail. I have followed the walkthrough to the T in an effort to get beyond these points and am extremely frustrated. Can someone please help me or should I just give up???


Walkthrough for RTR

[Post New]by SusieQ57 on Dec 6, 12 3:45 PM
DoobieBear wrote:Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough:

This is a very basic walkthrough taking you through the game. It doesn’t solve the puzzles for you and it doesn’t reveal the ending. It basically answers where you go next and what you should have in inventory. There is quite a bit of backtracking in this walkthrough since it’s in the game. I’m sure I backtracked more than some people and less than others. Please accept my apologies if I have made your journey longer to solve. If I have made mistakes please let me know so that I may correct them. I hope you find it useful in your journey through a truly unique game.

Important Note to check your crime journal on the bottom left of the game screen and read the notes whenever it opens. It proves it’s worth in gold at some of the more challenging puzzles.

Sparkly lights are Hidden Object (HO) areas.
One blinking light means to check out the area for clues or items.

Ravenhearst Gate:

Click on plaque (journal will open to record the numbers for hearts). The intercom doesn’t work right now so click the bush for the HO - receive ‘Wrench’. Use the wrench on the bolts of the intercom. Solve puzzle, click button and click on the key. Use key in the gate lock.

Ignore the well for now. We’ll come back to it later in the game.

Front Porch:

Front Door HO - receive ‘typewriter key’
Journal opens recording the symbol to use beside the Sun shape.
Notice: cat with key under paw and bird’s nest in corner of roof.

Front Porch - Left Side:

Trunk HO - receive brick
Notice: loose floor board, hanging basket

Front Porch - Right Side:

Notice: mouse in hole
Click on ladder, return to front porch center, place ladder, look in bird’s nest, click on ‘creepy eye’
Return to Front Porch - Right Side
Use brick on window, enter, click on crowbar, return to Front Porch - Left Side.
Use crowbar on loose floor board, click on ‘creepy eye’
Trunk HO - receive ‘machine belt’
Return to Front Porch - Left Side
Click the statue at the far end of the porch to move to the Backyard.


Charles’ statue - HO - receive ‘creepy eye’
Notice: Emma statue, moon shape around her neck, lock on the door leading into the garden.
Return to the kitchen door inside the house.
Solve puzzle.


Cupboard HO - receive ‘cheese’
Notice: lock around stove, recipe hanging on door and the strange symbol behind the recipe, click on the cabinet underneath the sink, then click on the ‘lawn shears’.
Return to Front Porch - Right Side.
Give ‘cheese’ to mouse.
Click on mouse.
Give mouse to cat.
Click on key.
Return to kitchen.
Use key on stove lock - click on ‘shabby glove’
Cupboard HO - receive ‘ damp cloth’.
Return to Front Porch - Left.
Click on hanging basket. Use ‘lawn shears’ on rose. Use ‘shabby glove’ on rose.
Return to the Backyard.
Give rose to Emma.
Click on the ‘moon shape’
Charles’ HO - receive ‘horn’
Solve puzzle lock on the door into the garden.


Notice ‘X’ on ground next to angel.
Continue forward to the Cemetery.


Use shears on the overgrowth on the right.
Solve puzzle.
Click on ‘sun shape’
Tombstone - HO - receive ‘pickaxe’ (there is a moon symbol equation in this scene that is recorded by the journal)
Return to Ravenhearst, to the lock above the fireplace. Solve puzzle.

Three Doors:

Choose the middle door. Solve puzzle.


Pile of debris HO - receive ‘long stick’

General Store:

Solve cash register puzzle - click on ‘red marble’ and pay attention to the code given.
Click on fuse box (above the stove) use code from cash register to unlock.
Counter HO - receive ‘red marble’
Continue into elevator and notice control panel is missing a lever. There’s also a skull lock on the wall.
Go back outside.

Rose’s Beauty Parlor:

To the right of the beauty parlor is a shovel. Click on it to put it in inventory for later.
Notice blinking light on the rock wall on the right. Click on it and use the ‘pickaxe’.
Solve door lock to beauty parlor. Enter.
Dressing Screen HO - receive ‘red marble’

Beauty Parlor Stairs:

Continue to the stairs.
Turn both heads on top of banisters toward the landing.
Torn painting appears (notice X and angel in top right portion)
Return all the way back to the garden and use the shovel on the X on the ground beside the angel.
Receive - ‘torn canvas’
Return back to the painting and place ‘torn canvas’ on it. Notice the color placement of the marble puzzle above the twins’ heads.
Continue up the stairs to Rose’s bedroom.

Rose’s Bedroom:

Under the bed HO - receive typewriter key
Notice nailed nightstand
Continue to bathroom door.
Solve puzzle lock.
Notice medicine cabinet needs a key.
Bathtub HO (must click on shower curtain to trigger the HO part) - receive metal lever.
Return to the elevator and use metal lever on the control panel.
Click the lever to go down.

Dungeon - First Level:

Click telescope on right side, notice it needs a coin.
Click the rose grating on the left side, notice it’s rusty.
Boat HO - receive ‘gold key’

Return to Rose’s bathroom and use the gold key on the medicine cabinet - click on ‘rust remover’
Bathtub HO - receive ‘electrical tape’

Return back to the Dungeon - First Level
Boat HO - receive ‘typewriter key’
Click on rusty grate, use ‘rust remover’, use wrench.
Use ‘horn’ for the bats to leave.
Continue to find Rose.
Solve the puzzle at the foot of her coffin.
After the cut-scene click on the coffin and then click the ‘red marble’.
Return back to the room with the 3 doors.
Pick the door on the right and use the typewriter keys that you have in your inventory. You’re still missing 4. We will pick them up later.
Click on the door to the left.
Place the red marbles and solve the puzzle.

Twins’ area:

Sandbox HO - receive funnel

Toy Store:

Doll Display HO - receive ‘old fuse’
Return to the General Store in Roseville and insert the old fuse into the fuse box.
Cupboard HO - receive typewriter key.
While still in Roseville, visit the Beauty Parlor again.
Dressing Screen HO - receive typewriter key.
Go back to the twins’ area.


Click on the school and notice the cellar door on the left. Click on it and note the temperature written on the lower left side.
Click on the blinking light to the right of the school on the big sucker and go to the Gingerbread House.

Gingerbread House:

Solve the door lock. Enter.
Tea Party HO - receive potholder
Go forward to the hallway and check the dumbwaiter.
Use the electrical tape on the wires and start the dumbwaiter.
Click on the rope.

Twins’ Bedroom:

Solve the door look. Enter.
Dollhouse HO - receive ‘typewriter key’

Go back to the school. Enter.
School Desk HO - receive ‘bug repellent’
Return to Toy Store
Doll Display HO - receive ‘doorknob’
Click on the stove, use potholder from inventory to adjust the temperature noted earlier. Take note of the “burner” pattern on top of the stove after the temperature is adjusted. This is the solution to the cellar door lock.
Continue into the Workshop.


Paintbrush HO - receive ‘hammer’
Continue into basement,
Play Whack-A-Troll on the left to win a coin. Click on the tongue of the large troll in the back to add the coin to your inventory.
Click on the telephone line box (behind the barrels). Use bug repellent on the roaches and complete the puzzle to fix the line.

Go back to the Gingerbread House
Tea Party HO - receive ‘empty jar’
Go into the twins’ bedroom and attach the doorknob to the closet. Enter.
Click the covering on the wall in the center.
It falls away revealing a hole in the wall.
There’s also a telephone number written on the back of the covering. Write it down.

Return to the Toy Store.
Go into the workshop.
Use the telephone (the number you wrote down before)
A door will open to the left of the phone. Enter
Use ‘long stick’ on the stuck bucket.

Return to the well at the front gate of Ravenhearst.
Turn the crank to bring the bucket up. Click on the ‘rusty knife’
While here, return to the garden.

Charles’ statue HO - receive ‘screwdriver’.

Go to Roseville.
Enter Rose’s bedroom above the beauty parlor.
Use the hammer on the nightstand.
Click on ‘paint remover’

Go to Dungeon - First Level
Use your coin in the telescope and focus on the buoy.

Return to the Twins’ Area.
Enter the school.
Use the paint remover on the blackboard.

Go to the cellar door. Solve door lock.
Inside place the ‘machine belt’ on the sharpening wheel.
Use rusty knife on sharpening wheel.
Use the empty jar on the dripping gas tank.

Go back to the workshop and through the door beside the phone.
Use rope from inventory on the piece of rope on the floor.
Click rope to go down into the well.
Solve the door lock puzzle. Enter.
Use the matches on the tinder on the left side.
Solve the 3 puzzles and click on the coffin.

Return to the toy store.
Doll display HO - receive ‘typewriter key’

Return to the 3 doors.
Place the remaining typewriters keys in the right side door.

Trolley Car:

Luggage Compartment HO - receive putty knife.
Use the screwdriver on the gas tank panel.
Use the funnel on the tank.
Use the gas in the jar on the tank.
Enter trolley car.
Click on the starter.
Click on the switch.


Shipwreck HO - receive ‘spare key’
Continue to the steps
Use putty knife on the steps for the solution to the upcoming bridge puzzle.
Solve puzzle,
Cross bridge.

Victor’s Cottage:

Solve door lock on right side. Enter.
Cupboard HO - receive ‘jeweled heart’
Return to the front of the cottage.
Unlock the door on the left using the spare key.

Ravenhearst Attic:

Baby Carriage HO - receive ‘bobby pin’
Use bobby pin on the lock of the trap door in the floor.

Enter right side door.
Pick up ‘metal dial’ off of the opened book.
Open Bookshelf HO - receive ‘film reel’
Notice the books (and the symbols on them) in the closed bookshelf.
Go back into the hall.

Enter the left side door.
Use the film reel and the metal dial on the projector.
Watch the film and make note of the way the symbols are arranged on the books behind Victor.
Return to the hall.

Go back to the attic using the hanging rope.
Baby carriage HO - receive ‘phonograph record’/
Return to the hall.

Enter right side door.
Solve the puzzle in the closed bookshelf.
A door opens to the side of the bookshelf.
Click on ‘large axe’.
Put record on the phonograph.
Return to hall.

Use left side door.
Use large axe on the boards covering the window.
Escape. You’re now on the front porch of Ravenhearst.

Return to Victor’s cottage via the trolley car.
Use left door.
Go up the stairs into the bedroom.
Use the damp rag on the certificate on the left wall.
Note the skulls at the bottom. They solve the next puzzle lock.

Go back downstairs and solve the door lock. Enter.
Solve lock on trunk and click on ‘telescope’.
Desk HO - receive skull key.
Return to Victor’s bedroom and place telescope on the tripod.
Look through it.

Return to Ravenhearst.
Back to the elevator in the General Store in Roseville.
Use the skull key in the lock on the right.
Solve door lock puzzle.
Flip the switch in the elevator.

Dungeon - Level 2:

Enter the right door.
Click the locket in Emma’s hands
Emma’s statue HO - receive ‘jeweled heart’
Return to hallway.
Take a look inside the left door, but there’s nothing to pick up in there.
Go to the middle door.

Locket Door:

Place the gold locket in the door.
A panel opens with spaces for 10 jeweled hearts.
Place the 2 jeweled hearts that are in your inventory.

The other 8 jeweled hearts are randomly placed in Ravenhearst Manor.
Find them and put them in the door to finish your journey.


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[Post New]by swalker18 on Dec 23, 12 12:48 AM
Ok- I am going crazy! I am at end of game and am looking for jeweled hearts. I am stuck in the beauty shop!! I cannot find the chopping knife- I keep hitting hint and still nothing! Please help someone!! Sarah

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[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Dec 23, 12 12:52 AM
With the RTR hint circles, look in the centre. The item should be there.


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[Post New]by Maggie3165 on Apr 24, 13 7:27 AM
Thank you very much for the walk through!!

I am stuck in the elevator and have used the skeleton key but cannot find the right combination of 3 digit numbers to unlock the elevator.
Could you please help me?

Thank you!


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[Post New]by foxylady10 on Jan 12, 14 2:55 PM
Hi I am having trouble opening the garden gate to the cemetry. I have copied the symbols from the kitchen. All joints are in the right place but the door still will not open. Help.

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