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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by beepoop on Jan 9, 11 4:12 PM
Spoiler Alert!!

Two of my favorite things combined. But what a downer, especially as I had already bought it, to have it be so short. Do I think I got my money's worth? NO! I did enjoy what there is, just think there could have been more.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by gailweis on Jan 9, 11 4:13 PM
I finally got the game to work, but now, every time I exit, I'm back at Stage 1 and have to start all over again. Has anyone else had this problem? I've also posted on the Technical Issues forum.


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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by ember89 on Jan 9, 11 4:59 PM
i like the combo play... and i think this is a fairly decent game altogether...

the hidden object scenes are a little "junk pile" but that's the edge to making it a little more difficult to find things, i guess... i mean, if you know the clue right away and there's the image in a neat little box, then what's the point?? right?? so...

and by chance you don't know the answer, there's a little floating fairy that comes along and gives you letter hints so you can complete the word in order to find the object... and you get the standard 'hint' to find the object for you as well...

using a 'hint' will count against you in the rating at the end of your level, however - there are three ways in which you get judged by the rating system: 'sniper,' 'meteor,' and 'smart' - if you don't click on too many objects that are just plain wrong, then you can achieve the sniper star... if you can complete the round in under so many minutes, then you can achieve the meteor star... if you steer clear of using too many hints, then you can achieve the smart star... if you achieve all three of these stars, then you get a ranking of five stars on the level!

given the pro's and con's of this game... i think it's the perfect DD! at $2.99 it'd be a steal - so i'm going to keep a look out as i'm sure my niece will just love this in about a year!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Jan 9, 11 6:08 PM
Boy, was I excited to try this game! My two fave things in one. Don't really know what I expected, but it wasn't this. The concept is good, the idea is genius, the execution leaves much to be desired (for the trifocal crowd, anyway).
The gameplay drove me nuts with that big intrusive puzzle board popping up after EVERY SINGLE ITEM. The game grades you on time and you're spending half of it looking at auto-animation you have no control over?! Reminds me of Hide and Secret, which gave me a huge migraine trying to re-focus my old eyes on the new "distance" over and over and over again.
Suggestion to the developer: Next time, try having the word pop up on Scrabble-style tiles like in this one, but not have to "fly" to the top of the screen. And fill the crossword answers into the grid without the popup. Then when we get down to the last object or two and need the extra help, we can bring up the crossword manually to look at it.
I actually thought it was going to be a crossword puzzle to work by filling in the answers ourselves. Then the answers to the puzzle would populate the spaces in the hidden object list, with back-and-forth play so that the objects visible in the room would give you an extra clue to the puzzle answers. That would have been epic. As it is, there's no real reason to even have the crossword, except for the hints it provides once partially solved. So if you're a crossword maven, forget having any crossword fun with this game.

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[Post New]by Slowglass on Jan 9, 11 9:27 PM
This is a decent game and something a little different from just the plain HOG. Some of the expressions in the crosswords are a little different than the way I learned them, but I think that is mostly a difference in geography between where the creators are and where I live.

The game does 'stutter' a little bit, running on Windows 7 64bit, with 4GB of does say it wants a minimum of 1024MB of RAM, so I've plenty of that, but might be missing an update or two, having moved over the holiday season and not taking the time for updating until um...tomorrow maybe. (Joy ) Overall the stutter isn't bad enough to be truly annoying, at least not for me. I'm enjoying HIdden Object Crosswords.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by stayfly3000 on Jan 10, 11 6:13 AM
Loved the concept of this game and the graphics were nice and sharp. The clues however left a LOT to be desired. I'd say about 75% of them were obscure idioms. If they produce a sequel to this game, I suggest hiring a professional crossword puzzle constructor.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by beachmama on Jan 11, 11 5:53 AM
I love xwords and HOG's but this one is boring. I can't believe how slow it plays. I am deleting it after playing 11 minutes on the free download.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by theoldbag on Jan 11, 11 9:50 PM
I liked the concept and liked playing it for a change but I found the images quite difficult to find at the latter part of the game. I didn't recognize some of the items because they were blurry and some of the items were called by other things, not what I am used to calling them here. Nice idea though and quite a change.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by talisman018 on Jan 13, 11 7:02 PM
Hi fishies!

First, let me add my small welcome back to Poodlebear, who's reviews were always a godsend.

OVERALL SCORE: 8 out of 20. Not recommended.

GRAPHICS: 2 out of 5. Some items were simple unidentifiable. I still don't know what some of those blobs were supposed to be. The demo I tried didn't have them, but they might have been necessary later in other screens and I still wouldn't know what they were. The "helpful butterfly" was pretty for a few seconds, then became annoying.

SOUND: 2 out of 5. I normally like relaxing music with this sort of game, but this got tiresome quickly and didn't seem to fit with the feel of the game screens. Maybe if I'd turned it off and played my own music in the background, but that's not a good recommendation for a game's music track, is it?

GAMEPLAY: 3 out of 5. Pointing and clicking is pretty simple and hard to mess up unless the "collision detection" is off. This one is fine.The instructions are fairly clear. The "helpful butterfly", however, has no explanation unless you click on it or go to the help file. It should have been in the mini-tutorial when you first start the game. Everything else you really need is there, except that.

FUN FACTOR: 1 out of 5. Okay, here's where it really goes downhill. There is NO re-playability. The crosswords never randomize. What's even worse is that you can go back right after you've done a screen and "cheat" by redoing it with a perfect score. Where is the fun in that? Also, the so-called definitions are frequently so obscure and meaningless that I ended up trying to figure out what an object was, if my word for it had the right number of letters, then clicked on it in the hopes of striking it rich. The only reason is give it a score of one is because of the few times that the definition did make sense.

I hope my review helps.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by queenofgames52 on Jan 14, 11 5:35 PM
A little disappointed in this one . It got tedious and boring real quick for me . I love doing crosswords but NOT like this. Some of the hints were hard to understand and it was just not very much fun. I am getting kinda sick of HOGs and this just totally tops the heap its back to the drawing board guys . Try again


How many levels in this game? Thanks!

[Post New]by kathyandmickey on Jan 16, 11 8:39 PM
I really like this game, I got up to level 9 in the demo. Does anybody know how many levels there are? Thanks!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by puzzledone on Jan 18, 11 4:11 AM
Levels, I think eldee said on previous pages there are 54 (?) long game anyway.

I only tried this tonight, hadn't jumped on it reading all the first comments, and was on a thread re game burnout, not in the mood. Just for something different I d/l this and wow that hour went fast. First demo in 4 I didn't fall asleep halfway through. That is to say I really enjoyed the hour. There are other hogs that have riddles instead of lists but this was a nice twist.

It played great on my W7 laptop with 4 gbs Ram, 64 bit on High Performance. Not slow at all but clicked right along pretty fast actually. It does take 1024 RAM which is a lot for a normal HOG, most run well with 512. May have to do with how much RAM in your graphics card. My scenes were clear, colorful altho some objects a bit obscure. Translations don't bother me, kinda adds to the charm when not what expected. I guess that is what hints are for, altho I only used Hint twice and the sparkles just give a general area, a few I still didn't identify without random clicks.

The white whatever, butterfly? fairy? each time you point and click on it you get a free letter in the word above, kinda arcade touch in the mix, so you don't really need the hints to fill in the word. If stuck, click arrow on top corners to get a different riddle. The whole puzzle pops up when you move cursor to bottom bar to call it up. Or I guess when a word is solved, but it gives a chance to select another word/number hoiz or vertical. I skip around on normal xword puzzles too so you can jump around and fill in more letters with a cross word.

I'm not into scores or trophies, but I guess the reply of a level or riddle is to improve time, or less random clicks, many ways to up your score. I thought the HOGs were nicely done and clever, some easy some head scratchers but can't say the game is that easy. Just a relaxing way to play a HOG if burned out on more of the same. It's on my buy list, just holding back to see what's next to start a Jan card, waiting for a few CEs to be on BF. If I need to fill a hole this would be the one. Like someone said, just a nice go to for a few levels. Would probably get monotonous in one straight sitting. I think I did just 4 levels in the hour but must have captured my attention as fast as the hour went.

Sorry it isn't running normal on so many other machines, after reading I was surprised mine zipped right along.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by MomWiz1 on Jan 19, 11 11:08 PM
Great concept. I purchased this game without trying the demo based on the combination crossword/hidden object alone. And I finished the game, but all in all a disappointment! Many clues don't match the items-and a few were just the word itself which was strange. Many grammatical errors and clues are very far off from what you'd expect. (what the heck is "expresso" other than a spelling error and plain bad pronunciation?). I hope to see other, better, games just like this one in the future. But next time I'll try the demo first!

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by CACuriousSoul on Jan 25, 11 9:20 AM
I did like this game but I didn't LOVE it because all the clues were phrases, like someone said before, and not regular crossword clues.

If they come out with another one, I would give a demo try but I wouldn't buy it if it was just filled with strange phrases that I've never heard before and will never use.

The graphics were very nice and the firefly thing with letter clues was pretty awesome but I also wish the crossword puzzle itself didn't pop up every time you found an item. I'd much rather just scroll through the clues at the top so maybe an option to turn that off.


In 1 word, BORING.

[Post New]by pandorazfruitcak on Jan 25, 11 12:31 PM
So, EASY crossword puzzles for the most part (ie: not really challenging if you're a crossword lover) but some are difficult to find (an average of 1/7).

Annoying pop-up cross-word board and irritating music during the "awards" ceremony, after EVERY puzzle game solved (even WITH music option turned off), really slowed game play for me (which was tedious and unenjoyable).

NO STORYLINE. NO ADVENTURE. (and that's not a spoiler, it's a warning)
Just repeat scenes from "global" locations. This could be a better game if cross-word puzzles were included in a typical H.O. adventure game. Then, I could actually look forward to playing and finishing it. Instead, I have only more of the same boredom to look forward to.

I am not usually so negative about the games I buy from BFG but I do regret my purchase with this one. I made an assumption based on the quick read of the description and video to buy without trying it first. It was not worth a game credit.
Buyer beware. This one MIGHT be worth a $2.99 daily deal. But try it first.

Edited on 01/25/2011 at 12:41:14 PM PST

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by vezzettj on Jan 25, 11 8:32 PM
Love the concept but hate the implementation. There needs to be an option to STOP opening the board after every word... that really slows the game play down too much. I would not buy this game even as a DD due to this issue.

I acutally liked the "flying hint" as there are times when I had no idea what the clue was getting at but I could look around the scene and fill in the blanks once I got enough letters.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by Gieyo on Jan 26, 11 10:53 AM
Loved the idea, hated that it was so easy and that the words were slightly repetitive.

Maybe it gets more challenging, but up to level 13 the game didn't seem to increase difficulty.

5/10 for being an original concept. Maybe 6/10 if considering graphs and music were adequate (although I didn't love them, but were clear and nice).


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by dbleagle on Jan 29, 11 10:35 AM
10 mins and I also deleted. The slowest game I have ever purchased on BFG. I am surprised and disappointed that BFG allowed this game to be sold.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by dgregory_58 on Feb 9, 11 8:54 PM
I had trouble with game from the get go. Tried the cat first, clicked on it would not respond. Clicked hint chased that crazy butterfly all over the screen never got hint. The movements were and too slow.


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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Hidden Object Crosswords

[Post New]by boobailey on Feb 10, 11 4:53 PM
Great game! Really liked it. A change from the games I usually play....

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