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Family Friendly, But That Doesn’t Mean Easy

Story: A powerful wizard has been sucked into a portal and is lost. Only you can save him. Approached by an Elf girl and a rodent friend, only the eyes of a human can be used to travel to Faraway Forest and save the wizard.

Developer: Azart
Release Date: Mar 2012
Extras: none

The cartoon-styled graphics, absence of evil and monsters, the cute companions, and magical machinations may all make it seem like strictly a kids game, but Allora is a challenge to grownups as well. Its gameplay style is unique.

The game is really just one long HOs, but put together in a way that I find much more interesting than standard pure HOs. Each self-contained ‘location’ contains at least one scrollable scene and two or three other scenes, from which you must find a number of list items, including ones that will become part of your inventory and are needed to get the required number of crystals or runes you need to complete the location.

You are taken back to each of these locations later, but the scenes have altered a lot since you were there. I love that trick.

Good for a little of something different.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Allora and The Broken Portal

[Post New]by boobailey on Mar 17, 13 7:43 AM
Cute and fun game. Cute story and the music was very relaxing. The Colors are so sharp and vivid. Great graphic's. Everything as far as HOS and puzzles were different than the norm but fun. You don't tire of this game and if there is another I will buy it.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Allora and The Broken Portal

[Post New]by sunshinej on Sep 16, 13 3:39 AM
This game could have been a very relaxing game if it wasn't for those arrows bouncing up and down every 15 seconds. Sometimes they got on my nerves and sometimes I was able to tune them out. Other than that I give the rest of the game a A. I like how each chapter is 3-4 scenes long. Beautiful artwork and relaxing music. Makes it easy to just do a chapter at a time. In between the chapters the dialog was gone very fast and before I was able to read all of it. The HO scenes were challenging and the puzzles were easy to do, but still a nice addition.


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