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[Post New]by whatazoo on Aug 28, 11 3:30 PM
I love the game - but I have a pet peeve! I can't put my full name in - I don't want to be Stephan - why is the name limited to 7 letters??



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[Post New]by lillfive on Aug 30, 11 7:55 PM
I posted in the review thread, but I wanted to post again because I LOVE your games. I love them. The graphics are so beautiful. You guys are really, really talented. I've played the CE version extra game and I'm hoping for a sequel! Thanks so much.


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[Post New]by Littlebit861 on Sep 4, 11 6:53 AM
yeah I have an issue with the autmatic settings, I have tried to download on two diff. computers one with windows 7 and the other windows xp and on both I have tried to change settings to accomodate this game with no luck it opens with such a large format that you cannot navigate in the game and most features are cutt off, am I missing something? most games I just open and they work do not think I should have to change my settings for this game to work but since I purchased this game I really want it to work.

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Re:Hello from developers!

[Post New]by pcpat923 on Sep 8, 11 7:39 PM
Hello. Thanks to all the game developers. I immediately purchased the Collector's Edition after playing my friend's game. Sadly, my drivers need to be updated and I could not play on my laptop--boo hoo! I am an avid game player-"collector". Usually wait for the standard version. However, this game was so intriguing and I wanted to add it to my "collection" of very special games.
This game is quite excellent. I so appreciated the "Map" with the "Diary". At my old age it is very easy to become forgetful. The Map helped me to keep on track. The story line is interesting! The artwork is superb! I also very much enjoyed posting Emily's art work back onto the "Gallery" wall which gave the game organized seaquence.
I especially liked that you utilized young people as the "stars" since many young people play these games, As it happens, these five young stars had expanded their creative skills, therefore, reinforcing positive messages and encouragement to other young people! I was pleased there were no voices as they tend to annoy and distract me. I could tell everyone poured their heart and soul into this game! Bravo!
The hidden objects were placed creatively and I minimally used a magnifying glass. Enjoyed the mini-games and having to find other objects hidden from view. Change nothing. Looking forward to a sequel. Maybe something funny!
Hugs! xoxoxox Patricia

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Re:Hello from developers!

[Post New]by hulahula on Sep 9, 11 6:54 PM
I have some sort of problem in Tommy's room; the **** puzzle at the desk will not terminate because it says there are 3 spiders but the HINT can find only two, thus I am denied the mallet needed for the next step. What have I done wrong? Even the strategy guide shows only two.

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Re:Hello from developers!

[Post New]by puzzledone on Sep 9, 11 10:39 PM
Just popping in to say that this is the first SE I've bought that I was left wanting to upgrade and buy the CE. Sometimes I don't even play the extended or bonus on CEs (I have 20) because by the time I finish the main game I'm tired of it. So, maybe "I want more" says it all.

There is such a fair balance of adventure and ihogs, and story driven kept me going. I didn't even demo the CE, subject matter, harm or potential harm to a child is too disturbing to my sensitivities. I had not read this thread but some great early reviews so tried the SE later.

The fantasy, surreal art and humor is what sucked me in, and again the fairy tale aspect balanced the dark and eerie boogie man just fine. Nothing squeamish here, it was so much fun. I'm a big fan of creativity, artistry, subtle details, good writing, imagination how could I not love this game? It's rare to find all those elements in a team project, PLUS the tech people and I'm sure the money person pressure on budget who aren't always amongst the creative. Can you tell I've had experience in some "teams". But oh, the final release is your baby, and Dev Dave got both?

Voice overs, well enough games get bashed if lips aren't in sync (as if they were all designed in English, that's what subtitles are for in films). I'm a slow reader I guess, I am doing a beta of a game now and dialogue flies by so fast I've missed half of it.

One size never fits all, but this game seems to pull in a wide audience. Many here are old time hard core point and click adventurers who love wandering in loops clicking every pixel with no help. I'm in the group who started out with HOGs, then IHOGs, old eyes that don't see tiny fragments or objects, and spend a lot of time making a sandwich waiting for a skip button. Old memory can't retain where I saw something to use some new object on, or mainly how to get there, lost in loops. I seemed to remember this layout ok but would really LOVE an imap to jump back there and limit the hours it takes me to play a game. I can lose the momentum or even forget the story when lost. So, options for experts, and casual for old ladies needing hand holding is a winner. Life is challenging enough at 75, I just want to relax with a game before bed, not fall asleep in it.

Charming, just can't wait now to start it again with the CE, and there's a bit of change for you toward budgeting your next offering. One thing stands out, when I can feel the fun the devs had in the making

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Re:Hello from developers!

[Post New]by WilJul on Nov 26, 11 10:23 PM
I just bought this game for the Mac and have to say, absolutely lovely game! I enjoyed it tremendously! Stunning graphics and story-line that just draws you in from the very beginning! I really appreciated the attention given to the story-line! And I love the spooky factor, with scenes designed to make you jump! What fun!

I loved the map, and really didn't mind that you couldn't jump to locations, but did like that the map told you where actions were left to accomplish. I loved looking for origami, but was almost at the end with one missing! I must admit, I stole a look at the strategy guide to help me find it. I wasn't certain what my "reward" for finding them all was, though. I assume you'd get the bonus game, regardless of whether you found all the origami or not. Any hints on what I missed?

I also enjoyed that the bonus game was a parallel story-line! How original is that?! That was a truly superb way to include the bonus content. Kudos for that!

But my most favorite aspect of this game was that the Strategy Guide not only didn't go back to it's contents page every time you opened it, nor did it simply open to the page where you left off, but it opened to the page where you were in the game! This was an incredibly smart way to go! Not sure how difficult it was to achieve that, but I sure do wish more developers would follow your lead!

If I were forced to come up with a negative or two about this game, it might be that some of the puzzles were a little too simple for me. But it's really just nit-picking, as I enjoyed quite a few of them. Also, that there was such a delay between the PC and Mac release, sometimes we Mac users get a little tetchy about feeling like "red-headed step-children".

Thank you for allowing me to spend a couple of hours in a really enjoyable way.

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[Post New]by kathyh62 on Nov 6, 12 9:10 PM
This game was awesome!! My favorite so far! I bought it yesterday and finished it today, I missed a few of the origami and so I started it over. I don't usually play the dark games but this one wasn't bad and the colors were amazing! I loved looking for the origami! I loved the machine too that was made with the pearls, I would have loved to use that more.

Did you model the little girl after Dakota Fanning??

I see that this game came out a year ago and now there is also Nightmare Realm In the End. I really want to play the 2nd game! Please BigFish offer it asap!!

I loved this game so much I am really going to purchase the CE version too!

Thank you!!!

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