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[Post New]by mom22kids on Jul 21, 11 2:27 PM
Ugh! I agree! Games from HdO are terrible! I have been to Paris and navigated the REAL metro and this game drove ME nuts! I feel sorry for those of you it expects to know it with that travel history! grrr...

BIG FISH GAME BUYERS: PLEASE stop purchasing games from these guys OR tell us the developer PRIOR to us having to download it!

When I first opened it and saw it was one of THOSE games, I was very sad!

It wants me to draw a bottle with no pencil etc! sigh....

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Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by phatkhat on Jul 21, 11 6:53 PM
Obviously I am very much in the minority, but I happen to LIKE HdO games. I think their production values are good, and they have challenging puzzles and minigames. They are short, but good, IMHO.

That said, I tried this one when it came out last year at another portal. I didn't get through the map of Paris, and gave up. You need a real map of Paris to solve it, I think. (It's been many moons since I was in Paris, and I don't remember a lot about the city layout.)

I was hoping they took that puzzle out, but I guess not. Well, maybe I will print out a map of Paris and try it again.


Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by Darthpanda on Jul 22, 11 1:55 AM

"It seems to me that there is no happy medium here. We have a game here that is forcing us to think outside our normal comfort game playing zone because the developers are throwing us a playing curve - whether deliberately or through confused sense of how a game should be played, and people are complaining that they don't like the game because they can't figure it out. I thought the whole point of these adventure/H0 games is to try to stump us, to make us figure out WTH is going on, not to have everything always spelled out for us."

Whoops on that last one- sorry to repeat Bpup entirely- I just wanted to comment here and messed up on how to quote.

There is a difference between a game being challenging (a good example of this is Tales of Lagoona) where a lot of the opbjects are hard to spot- but you COULD have seen them, if you were very careful) and a game that is just badly programmed. A balance of tasks that are not too easy but not impossible is what makes a game fun. A game where your screen jumps, or you get no instructions, and you can't click through properly isn't the right kind of challenge. I can see that there was the kernel of an idea with this game, but when there are so many other games being offered out there, I really don't think this is worth the effort.

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Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by Becca_jxxx on Jul 22, 11 8:37 AM
Yet another Hdo game, as soon as I found out I uninstalled. Terrible.

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Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by Ruvie on Jul 24, 11 7:09 PM
As soon as I saw that 'Wiggly' title screen, I heaved a sigh of disappointment. HDO doesnt seem to ever put much thought into the detail of the games, and the characters stand there lifeless. The items always look copy-pasted, and the screens give me migraines.

Please tell us the game developers BF, Im always so disappointed when I get a game and its HDO.

Another note: Ive tried this stupid 'drawing' game 14 times already, there is NO SKIP.

What a waste!!


Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by bcreno on Aug 1, 11 11:16 PM
Tried It. I was not familiar with the **** producers. I am now, and couldn't wait to delete
this major waste of time on going for map look ups and moving around a subway. Gone and not to be returned. I am just glad it was a trail look see.


Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by ShimShalabim on Aug 2, 11 12:07 AM
Oh my! What a horrid "game"!

There sure has been an inordinate amount of crap lately.


Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by FragmentFour on Aug 18, 11 2:37 PM
When I first looked at this game's comments, I thought nothing could be as bad as the other fishies said it was.

I was wrong.

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Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by tbcoe on Aug 28, 12 12:33 AM
kat1117 wrote:Maybe BF should try "A NEW GAME EVERY FEW DAYS" instead of offering such unpopular games.

Beware of what you wish for, cus you might just get it....

Then you'd really hear an uproar.

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Re:Comments for A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories

[Post New]by a75j83 on Sep 3, 13 1:33 AM
My Mom has been a Member of for 10 yrs, now and I can't even begin to count how many HO & Match 3 games we have. We have a good number of plastic see-thru tubs full of CD's. Unfortunately, when quit selling the CD's, she kinda lost interest in buying the games

Had I known she bought this particular game for her PC when it first came out, maybe, I would have tried it out first, before buying it for my Kindle Fire HD I knew almost immediately I was going to have serious problems with the game itself without even knowing who the Devs. were

It all started with the shaky profile screen, the 'God' awful music & noise (which I did manage to turn off ), then the 'ho' screen that moved all around, but once I got to the studio to paint, I was soo incredibly I could go no further. I had immediately stop what I was doing head for my bedroom where the temp Is kept at a constant 66 degrees (it's kinda befitting that the lil dude is blue, cause I mean really, if you had to be in my room (meat locker) with ice packs all around your head, you'd be blue too!)

My complaint is not a simple one and one you don't see everyday. You see, I am a Chronic Migraine Sufferer. I've had them since I was in my early teens and they have grown worse as I've gotten older. I used to have so much to occupy me, but now it's all so very little.

So, this would be my biggest wish!? If there is anyway at all possible to put a tag or label on games like these so I do not make the mistake of purchasing any others like it in the future?

Thank You Sincerely,
a75j83's Daughter Ro

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