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[Post New]by csr1977 on Jan 20, 12 9:47 PM
A couple of years ago I bought the magic farm game, which was AWESOME, loved it. Then they came up with an update (and stupid myself) I installed it. What it did was to remove some part of the game-play, and the game was now called magic farm ultimate flower.
Still, with the downgrade... it was such a great game. I still play it and it is one of my favorites!
So imagine my excitement when the second part just released, of course I bought it right away...
Second mistake! The game is so short, the part that they removed from the very first version is the game-play of the second one.
What a disappointment! game lasts only two hours and it brings so few tasks to accomplish.
Don't buy this game, its a waste of money. Graphics are great but if you really enjoyed the first version, keep that one and don't buy this one.


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Re:Reviews for Magic Farm 2

[Post New]by karina5186 on Feb 27, 12 7:22 AM
Currently playing this.
Positive things:
It's a good game. The writing has improved a bit, the graphics more so. The new plants are gorgeous and so far they all have s maximum of 3 blossoms at a time. Like the first one, it is rather addicting.
It has a hidden objects mini-game, which is occasionally a welcome break.
In the first land, there was a potion brewing segment, which I enjoyed very much and am hoping it comes back later in the game.

Also like the first one, however, there are two flaws:
The other characters will demand 50 blossoms each of 3 plants/ 5,000 coins/ something else that is difficult to obtain. And when they get it, there is a huge chance that you will get nothing in return.
No experience, money, weapon: nada.
Its only purpose is progressing the story, which at the moment is no where near rewarding enough.

A while ago I gave the headmaster 80 of the most expensive blossoms my most expensive flower has. Later he "forgets" why he needed them and offers no payment. (Another irksome thing that I will get to in a moment.)
I just gave the Globetrotter 12,000 coins so he could buy research tools (something he should already have since everyone else seems to turn to him for research) and then he conveniently forgets to mention that he needs some magnifying glass that can only be found with one merchant. I'm assuming this object will be paid for in 50 flower blossoms or 9000 leaves, and that I will also get nothing afterwards.

However improved the writing currently is, it's still pretty bad.
The headmaster has a disease in which his memory deteriorates over time. I have to provide a lot of things to cure him to several people (reason number 1 rearing its ugly head once more.) They call this amnesia when it actually sounds more like Alzheimer's, which could have been chalked up to a Memory Spell done by a local witch of some sort.
The character you play is kind, smart, hardworking, helpful, etc. Generally a Mary Sue, which would not be a huge problem for me if these characteristics did not perpetuate Flaw 1. there is no way to turn away a favor once you promise it to someone, and the act of talking to someone promises them this favor.

I am still tolerating the game because it is rather good. Hopefully it gets better and Iris becomes less self-sacrificing.

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Re:Reviews for Magic Farm 2

[Post New]by gingergal on Dec 14, 12 12:23 PM
I'm useless at TM games so look for casual mode or TM games that don't throw me out of levels, so I picked this up as a DD.
When I initially played it I didn't think it was going to be that good, not many beds and it did take a while to get into the game but once you do, coupled with the achievements I did end up enjoying it and it's very addicting.

There are two levels casual or hardcore (I played casual.) and there is a tutorial. Initially you are taken into a farm and with money you earn from the flowers you grow you can upgrade your farm. There is also a global shop which you can buy things from which does help you. There are also requests but what's good about them (for me) is that they aren't timed you can take as long as you want in doing them. Also it gives the game some story which I thought was good.

You can also manually save your game as well as the autosave which I thought was great but only found that out too late as I made a mistake with the second farm (bought water before plant and couldn't make any more of that type of money) so I had to start again from the beginning.

At the beginning there are a couple of HOS but I don't think there was more than 3. Over time a new farm will open up and then a third one. You have a dragon as your helper and over time his abilities will improve as well as yours so you get quicker at doing things - collecting items that creatures drop and fighting these creatures that try and destroy your flowers. You also make money at the end of each day by making bouquets.

Each farm has completely different type of flowers and landscape and thought some flowers were pure fun in farm 2 and 3. You do have to remember to go to the map and go to all farms and cities in them to see quests and to make sure you haven't missed any. At the end it still allows you to play like a sandbox mode and it does say there are some more quests (but I didn't find any).

This is the longest game I think I've played as I was playing for all achievements but it could also be that it took me ages as I am not very good.
I'm giving it 3 out of 5 as it did take a while to get into it and compared to fiona finch and other type games which had more variety of growing and making things it's lacking in that area. But I loved the achievements but if you're not interested in that I think there are better games but still enjoyed it and was addicting. Good bargain for a DD

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Re:Reviews for Magic Farm 2

[Post New]by Pixieydust on Sep 6, 14 8:51 PM
I bought this a while ago, and came back to play it. Ignore the people talking about it being too short including myself. They added some quests and a land so it is much longer now. I am enjoying it quite a bit.

I hope you give it a try...the other review above mine is really good. Been playing for over a week and still am not done!! I do want to get all the achievements!!

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