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Re:Reviews for Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

[Post New]by gingergal on Nov 5, 12 11:25 PM
This is a bridge game by Cateia games (hotel, crystal valley) – bridging the gap between a HOPA and a pure adventure game, and I think aimed at the large amount of people that play HOPAs but may be to intimated to try a LF game. The elements that HOPA players are used to are here – auto save, hint and skip buttons but the hidden objects are a bit different.

Here it’s part list, which comes up auto when you are in a scene that has those items. There is also a lot of find a certain number of ‘x’ items. Some things are hard to see or very well blended.

I hated the plot which was so very dark and also weird with a non resolved ending, about legion the demon. The length isn’t bad and I would say slightly longer than their recent where angels cry game - it’s about as long as a short HOPA.

The huge negative I found, especially after just playing their most recent game “where angels cry” is the puzzles. They have repeated all their puzzles from this game in their recent one, some exactly which was so disappointing. They also repeat a couple of types of puzzles throughout this game. Puzzles were – nonograms, move pile of boxes from one pile to another, switch all ‘button’s on, and the red and yellow ‘buttons’ from one side to another that was in angel may cry.

I did find this harder than ‘angel’ but that was to do with the sometimes hard to see items. If only I hadn’t just played their other game then this review would have been a bit different!

While I appreciate the collectables (21 roses) and the achievements in this game, I found I didn’t really like this game and the plot had a huge amount to do with it although the gameplay was OK. But repeating of the same puzzles in this, the plot was too weird and dark for me as well as an unresolved ending, all add up for me, which is why I’m not recommending it. I got it as a DD and for that I thought it was worth it, I don’t generally recommend it but if you are an avid adventure player just looking for any adventure game or love achievements and it’s a DD then I do recommend it.

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Re:Reviews for Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

[Post New]by minesita on Nov 6, 12 11:36 AM
You explained perfectly Gingergal, it looks as the Devs. where in a hurry to do a end.
Because I bought as a DD I don't regret having the game, but the end make me to cry .
Just for this reason, I don't recommend the game, unless you have a coupon or DD.
Such a nice story but without solution, same, same as Where angels cry!!!
For all people who enjoyed it , have fun .
Hope this review BFG don't remove, is my opinion of the game and a claim to the Devs. , who usually show-up in the forum.

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Re:Reviews for Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

[Post New]by boobailey on Dec 14, 12 7:28 PM
This was an ok game. The story line was ok. The graphic's were not great. There was no map and it was hard to move around. I wasn't thrilled playing this game.

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Re:Reviews for Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

[Post New]by medic1960 on Feb 20, 13 7:21 AM
Oh dear! So promising and yet so disappointing.
Technically, the game plays well but the graphics are old fashioned. Also there is no map or diary to refer back to. If you want another look at a document you have to scuttle back to where you first saw it.
The story line is good until the end when there is no confrontation with Legion making me think that I had been wasting my time!

I am sorry to be negative.


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Re:Reviews for Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

[Post New]by Sprattie on Apr 1, 13 1:56 PM
I purchased and completed this game and have to say I didn't have many of the same complaints as other players. Yes, it was very dark and hard to spot some items, and I didn't like looking for the hidden roses (only found 14 out of 21) but there were some good things about the game.

Good points:
-- wonderful music by Dejan Radic - moody, deep stuff with violins - fabulous
-- complicated tasks that involved lots of running around - no map and no and-holding
-- fairly long game, about 5 hours with no skips and lots of thinking time
-- solutions were not obvious and required careful searching
-- no annoying HOs, just a few scenes where we look for a limited number of usable items
-- hints were just lights in the area to be looked at - no annoying details
-- good voiceovers and well-written dialogue with no horrendous spelling or grammatical errors (a word or two missing in the letter but nothing major)
-- one of the achievements was for watching the credits!

Less than good points:
-- very simple, familiar puzzles, nothing new
-- gaps in logic e.g. a car key was hidden in a statue - I leave mine on the hall table
-- quick ending with maybe a promise of a sequel - a CE might have offered more of an ending.

Where Angels Cry was also a great game by the same devs so I want to keep an eye out for more games from them.


Re:Reviews for Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

[Post New]by jdewylde on Jun 24, 13 3:25 PM
I was really enjoying this game until the bugs hit. First of all the screen telling me that I needed to find three more flowers would NOT go away. It stayed until I stopped play with was a long way into the game. I got frustrated because I couldn't find the other headlight. So I go to look at the WT and find out that it is in the closet in which I needed to add the blue button. Well guess what? The blue button was never added to my inventory. When I solved the puzzle it just said that there were two small compartments that were empty.

I started another game as another player. The glitch with the flower screen disappeared but the same result when I solved the puzzle. No blue button. No blue button means no headlight. No headlight means I can't start the car. I was really disappointed in this one.

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Re:Reviews for Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Dec 20, 13 9:31 PM
I really enjoyed this game, is there a going to be another one?

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