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Re:Reviews for Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Laflamme on Apr 14, 12 3:03 PM
Review based upon completion of the game in casual mode, plus Bonus Chapter and all Bonus Puzzles.

This is the third game in the series and deals with Snow White, who is now an evil Snow Queen in the Swiss Alps.

The Good:

+ great graphics
+ great cutscenes
+ voiceovers
+ collectible story gems
+ three difficulty modes
+ native widescreen
+ guide tells you in which chapter you are
+ unique path and association puzzles...

The Neutral:

o ...which repeat quite often
o voiceovers not always lip-synced

The Bad:

- nothing really, but you could say it's the same game again with a new story, and that HO scenes are mostly easy

Bonus Content: A take on Hänsel and Gretel, took me about one hour to complete. It ties in with the main story, but is not necessary to play for the understanding of the game. Big spider warning for the bonus content. (The spidey stays around until the end.) Could not read the Parable since I missed the sixth gem. Six bonus puzzles (4 paths, 2 associations) were easy and have been completed within 15 minutes. Other than that there are the usual cut scenes, music, wallpapers and concept art.

Bottom Line: A worthy expansion of the story and a great CE. I can recommend getting the CE for the full experience, but you won't miss much if you play the regular one. Bring on Little Red Riding Hood (but lose the giant spider, please)!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen Collector's Edition

[Post New]by IYBAKH on Jun 15, 12 9:24 AM
Again, the Blue Tea Games delighted me. The graphics are beautiful! The story is engaging, interactive, and fun! The Bonus game was a wonderful complement to the story.


Re:Reviews for Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen Collector's Edition

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Aug 15, 12 11:06 AM
WOW... ..what an AWESOME game, LOVED IT !!

Somehow, when this came out, I missed it, so what a GREAT find, BF had this CE on sale, for 6.99, so this was much more than a deal, it was a steal at this price.

I just LOVE these developers, they make magical games, and do them very well IMHO what I give this game.
Everything was done excellent, from the BEAUTIFUL graphics, and artwork, to the exciting, adventurious storyline, from the very beginning, it sucked me in, and I was more than ready, for the fantastic ride, this game took me on.
I am a HUGE fan of FROGS, and NEVER complain, there are to many, so I enjoyed every one of them, including the bonus game's FROGS.
Another thing I love about these developers is that they give us plenty of scenes and places to explore, in their games, and a very helpful map is included as well.
Without the map, I probably would have been lost for, so very happy to have that, my memory is terrible, and there were so many places to explore.
I didn't care for the puzzles were you had to connect so many blue, red, and green circles, and there were a LOT of those, but the rest of the puzzles, I totally ENJOYED!!
Of course that is just personal taste, but I hope in future games, they will leave those out..PLEASE .
I thought the main game and bonus game were, so much FUN, and well worth the CE price, I got it on sale but if I hadn't it would have been worth full price.
GREAT game developers, THANKS for a FUN, FUN, FUN, gaming experience, like always, not disappointed

Can't wait for the next game, PLEASE hurry.. !!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen Collector's Edition

[Post New]by HasNazir on Aug 15, 12 4:13 PM
Glad I brought this game on an offer, or I wouldn't have brought it at all. Found it boring. The scenes are OK, but not that visually appealing, in terms of I don't actually care were I am, I'm not interested in looking around, just doing my task and going into the next room (unlike Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club, Lost Souls: Enchanted paintings, were I would be visually enjoying looking around).

This game was too long (I don't think I would have said this about a game, but it just dragged on, I suppose as I wasn't enjoying myself)., good job I had to collect fragmented items in the hidden scenes as it was quicker to find.

I finished the game, as I thought it would be a waste if I didn't as I brought it now.

This game does not have replayable factor for me, rather I thinking of dumping it from my PC. It was good to collect items like globes, now and then, but there were so many, I did lose track on what I was collecting. The movie scenes were OK, the right length, the reading of the parables were done at the right length too, not too much or too little.

Happy gaming

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Re:Reviews for Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Swtmb on Jul 3, 13 5:47 PM
I really enjoy all the Dark Parables hidden object adventure games. Lots to do, fun, with very little frustration. Try it!

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