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Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by OzzyRobyn on Apr 14, 12 1:18 PM

Excellent adventure/HOg, with a surprise ending which I thought was unfair but it sets up a sequel I guess. The H0 scenes are of the put things in a circle type, and what is interesting is that for many of the objects you might only need one but there are several in the scene, e.g. you might need one gear or piece of trim but there are half a dozen all of which work. The puzzles are good although they are not all well explained and the skip button takes a long time to fill. That's OK, it forced me to keep messing with a couple until I figured them out. the only thing I didn't like was the voice acting, especially the hero, so I turned it off and just used the subtitles.

Highly recommended.

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Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by dashwood95 on Apr 15, 12 2:21 PM
Glad to see I'm not the only one that didn't care for the ending. It was so abrupt after all you went through to get there, and it made no sense. White text below..

Someone explain to me why the twin brother is like "Hey we got revenge" but it only looks like the unknowing doctor you play as was there when the cops/helicopter arrived. It happened in such a split second that I was like "did I miss it??"

Kudos for an involved story, but that ending was total crap. Some writer just said "I feel like stopping now so the end."

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Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by kelsie2 on Apr 17, 12 4:14 AM
Agree about the ending but opening there for a sequel
Have played lots of games from **** and have enjoyed them all .
This was one of the best .!!! Great game ... wow thats two in a row for me this and the Dorian Grey syndrome two fab games !!!
There was a lot of activities in this game, in fact I felt like I had done a days housework , windows, washing,sweeping,dusting and I think there was an iron somewhere!!!!!
Joking apart... great graphics ,story,puzzles etc !!!!

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Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by spenny1 on Nov 1, 12 2:37 PM
The only thing I forgot to say in my review on the game page was, if you give the option of turning off sparkles, they really should go when you choose this option!

Why has **** been removed by the moderator everywhere?

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Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by KatzHome on Dec 3, 12 1:32 PM
I wound up buying this instantly ~ I don't even think I tried the demo version first...

Game's working great for me!

And I'm really loving the fairly new type of HOGs in the game ~ I've been getting really tired of the regular HOGs... I'm really enjoying the "find the items in the circle" that's in this game!

I like the way it goes full screen ~ and I'm playing on a Mac OS 10.8 with a retina screen... and glad that I don't have to play a 'windowed' game.

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:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by Jerry99 on Dec 26, 12 5:13 PM
Pretty good game, thankful for the hint because of so many locations. I did not like the ending at all though.


Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by Zingha on Jan 6, 13 7:56 PM
Hi guys, I'm stuck in the room with the fireplace. I don't know how to get rid of the smoke to move on. I am on my iPad. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by genkicoll on Jan 6, 13 8:38 PM
*spoiler* highlight to read:

You have to go up to the roof and unclog the chimney

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Re:Reviews for Mountain Crime: Requital

[Post New]by Laflamme on Apr 5, 13 12:45 PM
It finally worked! Having given up on the game after numerous access errors and Customer Support not being able to help (a very friendly agent tried 4 times though) I gave it one last shot downloading when I reorganized my hard disk, and it finally started.

Not wanting to risk anything I played it through in one go. Playing a doctor, you are summoned to a remote hotel resort, only to have your car hit by a rock slide. You manage to get over a broken bridge somehow, to find out that there is a killer on the loose and people show up dead front, left and center. What's going on, and what does a fire some years ago have to do with everything?

The Good:

+ game time around 6-7 hours
+ video quality
+ graphics
+ hidden object "circles" fit with a theme
+ objects usually cleverly hidden in plain sight
+ ...and if you are still having trouble finding them, there are usually some spare items in every scene (like 3 glasses, but you only have to find one)
+ diverse mini puzzles
+ map that shows you open tasks, with many locations

The Neutral:

o mini puzzles (save for one slider) VERY easy
o some strange things, like what's the point of the horse, or how did you get over the broken bridge?
o map does not allow jumps

The Bad:

- story a bit confusing with a dreadful end (has something to do with a foreseeable deus ex machina and the "requital")

Bottom Line: The game was worth the wait. If you can look past the end I can only recommend the game, especially if you are into Agatha Christie stories.

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