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LEVEL 53 cont.

King Ragnus Sagesmith, who now holds the Spectral Blade, requests an assistant for an important task. In return for your help, you have a request of your own. “You need the Spectral Blade. But what for? I doubt the Elemental of the Abyss can be defeated with my blade.” After some serious reflection, Ragnus says “Maybe I’ll lend you my blade. But what’s in it for me? I can’t part with the symbol of my power so easily.” Only a true hero can defeat the Elemental of the Abyss, but are there true heroes out there? Ragnus reluctantly agrees he can’t let the castle be destroyed, but says “I’ll hand the Spectral Blade to our hero personally. My sword awaits a hero!”

Jeronimo asks for help preparing for battle against the Elemental of the Abyss. He’s a little wary that Ragnus agreed to lend his sword for the battle. “Are you sure he isn’t planning something evil?” Realizing he may have been too suspicious, Jeronimo gets ready for the trip to see Ragnus. “I don’t like all these official ceremonies. Maybe I should dress up? I am meeting royalty after all.” Initially fearing “I’ll go weak at the knees before the royal reception", meeting King Ragnus was easier than Jeronimo expected.

King Ragnus Sagesmith hands over the sword to Jeronimo and says “Fate is in your hands.”

***King Ragnus Sagesmith doesn’t have sword anymore; Jeronimo appears in Metro Station holding Spectral Blade***


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LEVEL 53 cont.

(The World Tree is one of the primary quest objects and is needed to upgrade the Spectral Blade.)

O*beron, in Forest Palace, asks if you’re looking for pieces of the World Tree. “So little is known about it.” O*beron looks through ancient manuscripts, but finds only one part of the amulet mentioned so far. “If we find the first part of the amulet, we’ll find a way to get the rest of it. I’ll have to compare the data received with the ancient notes.” The information gleaned so far, “This amulet used to be very powerful – many people wanted to get their hands on it! The struggle for the World Tree caused many wars. According to legend, the amulet gave eternal life.” Over the years, the amulet was sometimes lost, but there were always people willing to possess it. “I think I found the key to unravelling the amulet’s mysteries. One of the books claims that the World Tree is split into eight parts. Each of eight Elf kings took one part.” Finding the stash of the kings won’t be easy and O*beron claims to know nothing about the amulet. However, one of the kings was his ancestor.


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Ilreth checks for traces of the artifact, but “we seem to be going in circles and we’re running out of resources for the search.” There’s no time to despair, the search is narrowing. “When you don’t know where to look, any place can be key!” The ones who hid the World Tree part are professionals, and Ilreth suggests thinking it through. “We need to think like the one who hid it. Where would he have put a valuable item? Just another dead end…”Maybe we should think about who owned parts of the artifact?” It seems the gnomes should have a part.

Valeria Steiner is fearful, “Jeronimo is going to fight the Elemental. I must help him! The Elemental of the Abyss is very strong. I’m afraid for Jeronimo.” Valeria has heard terrible rumors “that defeating the Elemental might be fatal! We must prevent Jeronimo’s death!” Desperation overcoming every other emotion, Valeria says “We may have to talk Jeronimo out of fighting the Elemental.” Just then, she remembers someone who might be able to help. Try and persuade the Light Bringer to assist Jeronimo.

The Light Bringer, in Throne Hall, introduces himself, “You won’t know my name, so why share it?” He says he’s always willing to help Valeria and Jeronimo, but it won’t be easy. Perhaps an amulet would help. “The Order of Light was formed to fight evil. I suspect you know my brother, and also how different he is from myself.” The Light Bringer wants to make Jeronimo a unique amulet of the Order of Light. “The protection amulet should work! I’ll give you the protection amulet as soon as I finish it.”


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LEVEL 54 cont.

Valeria is delirious that a way was found to protect Jeronimo against the Elemental. “I must give Jeronimo the magic amulet as soon as possible!”

The Light Bringer says “Cruel circumstances can turn anyone into a monster. Violence always has an impact.” His brave mission is to cleanse this place and perform a commemoration ritual. “Won’t you help me? I want to remember a soul left behind. The Chamberlain was evil indeed, but it matters not.” Forgiveness is what matters most, “This is a good way to say goodbye to those we mourn.” The Light Bringer is thankful you’re willing to set your own needs aside to help and promises to do everything he can to assist you. The way of evil must end, and the Light Bringer remembers an ancient legend that says “Our Order is said to guard a legendary heirloom of great age and power. Our Order has a splinter of an elfish crystal. I’ll bring it to you.”

Jeronimo asks for help getting ready for the battle. Valeria told him you would bring him something important, “A protection amulet! This means I won’t die in battle.”


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Jeronimo wonders if the amulet actually works. “How can I check if this amulet makes me immortal without putting myself in mortal danger?” Then he has an idea, maybe not a good one, but an idea. “I might have to fight you – for the good of all! First, find a weapon. Let’s start our battle! Maybe this was just more training, “I don’t know if the amulet worked or not. But we can’t delay the preparations.” There are a couple more moves Jeronimo wants to practice, then a break for some much needed sleep.

King Ragnus Sagesmith believes the raven knows everything, but he wants to know about the amulet. He claims to know all about one of the pieces, but it won’t be easy to find. “The amulet is linked to one of our royal families. Ancient legend has it that my great-great grandfather was returning from a military expedition when he found a strange parcel. Upon opening the parcel, he found a map.” Due to royal solitude, Ragnus usually has no one to talk to about such things. “The map that led my forefather to the hiding place had a magical lock. My great-great grandfather could never figure out how to open it.” The map leads to a hiding place where one of the amulet pieces still rests. Ragnus continues, “We have to find a way to open the magic lock.” After all, every lock has a key, right? “The lock is more complicated than I thought. But I have an idea!” The map unlocked, the hiding place found and the piece of the amulet secured! Now you have half the amulet and must find the other half.


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LEVEL 55 cont.

Jeronimo has never searched for magical amulet pieces before, but everyone is searching for them and he doesn’t want to stand apart from the crowd. Besides, “there’s a first time for everything!” Salty admits his skill doesn’t compare with yours, so he’ll rely on your expert assistance. But he’s a fast learner. As an innkeeper, Jeronimo overheard many interesting stories. “A guest once told me about a powerful amulet.” Apparently, that odd guest was searching for a mystical treasure; one he never found. “The treasure hunter was in a joyful mood when he returned to the inn one day. But the next morning, he didn’t wake up. We found the treasure hunter’s notes! Those notes lead to another piece of the amulet.

Valeria agrees “two heads are better than one” and agrees to help search for the next missing piece. Ancient wisdom says “Sometimes people can’t see what’s right in front of them. What’s the most conspicuous place in Midnight Castle?” There are lots of places to hide something in the gnome lands or in the temples. “Have you checked the Chapel?” Perhaps part of the amulet is hidden in the Mystery Chamber. “Strange. No trace of the missing piece in the Mystery Chamber.” Another try at searching the Chapel and the Old Park still reveals nothing. “What if the amulet piece is in a place no one would think of looking?” How about right in front of your nose…in the castle? “I’m sure part of the amulet is in the castle. Let’s split up to save time.” Finally, the missing piece of the amulet was found.


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O*beron, in the Forest Palace, knows where another part of the amulet might be. “But I have no idea how to free it.” The mysterious charms must balance the scales to free the part of the amulet. “I did something wrong. I’ll have to start again! I’ll change the order this time.” O*beron figured out the secret of the scales, but needs a couple of things. Eureka, you’ve got another part of the amulet!

Ilreth agrees to embark on a dangerous journey through the ancient forest to search for part of the amulet. “There are bandits out there – I need to be careful. Someone doesn’t want me to find the amulet!” ***Ilreth, the elf, is wounded again*** “Someone shot a poison arrow at me! My life is in your hands now!” History repeats itself, “You saved my life again! But the situation is getting worse.” Hovering between life and death, “I must see a doctor. I feel worse and worse.” The Light Bringer is Ilreth’s last hope.

The Light Bringer is very disturbed by the news of the attack on Ilreth. “Helping the wounded Ilreth is the duty of every knight in our order. But I’ll need your help.” Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Light Bringer can’t leave the castle, “but I’ll try to make the healing brew.” You help with rare ingredients needed for the healing brew, now all the Light Bringer needs is time to make the brew. Once the brew is ready an added finishing touch, a cleansing rite, will enhance it. “The brew is excellent! It could even resurrect the dead!


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LEVEL 56 cont.

Ilreth takes a big gulp, “That was a big help!” ***Ilreth transforms back to health*** Ilreth repays his debt to you by giving you the last piece of the amulet.

Finally, the protection amulet is ready for Jeronimo. Professor Pinfeathers says “We’ve done our best. The fate of the Mystery Chamber is in Jeronimo’s hands. Jeronimo is ready for battle! When the ancient evil is destroyed, the path to the Source of Sorcery will open. Thanks to you, Jeronimo is willing to fight the Elemental of the Abyss.”

***Armed with the Spectral Blade and the magical amulet, Jeronimo fights the Automaton (which was taken over by the Elemental of the Abyss) in the Residential District. Jeronimo wins the battle, the Limb Entrance opens and Jeronimo and the Automaton both disappear***

***The black vines (Elemental of the Abyss) disappear from the castle and grounds***


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LEVEL 56 cont.

The Ghostly Messenger, appearing in the Limb Entrance, says “You are legend in your own mind!” Your search takes an unexpected turn when the Messenger exclaims, “Looking for the Source of Sorcery? You’re looking at it. It’s me!” The Ghostly Messenger is powerless now, but claims “I’m the Source of Sorcery – it is I who filled the Mystery Chamber with power. That might have been rash, actually.” Until his powers are restored, “I can’t help you with anything but advice.” The Ghostly Messenger is feeling pale these days and urges you to find something called the Nature Blessing. “If I have my powers back, the Mystery Chamber will be as it was.” Arabella knows much more about magical power, perhaps she can help find what you need.

Arabella started to provide commercial services, “Hex spells are on sale this week!” Of course, she’s heard of the Nature Blessing, but “possessing this requires special skills and it takes a lot of courage to find it.” Arabella can cast a spell and learn where the Nature Blessing is. The witch said, “I dreamed of more than one of the Nature Blessing. I might have made a mistake. I’ll need to do it all again.” After giving her a little time to restore her strength, she casts the spell again. “I was right the first time. The Nature Blessing is broken into several pieces! Careful not to dissipate the power of it!”


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To find the first piece, the witch needs a little more strength to learn its location. There are finite possibilities, and after searching every location, Arabella finally presents you with a piece to the Nature Blessing.

The Ghostly Messenger, “Ah, I feel the power of the Nature Blessing growing.” But he’s spent far too much power, and needs more energy. “I’ve been waiting a long time for the Nature Blessing.”

Professor Pinfeathers, “How is it possible that the Source of Sorcery is…human? We need to do our best to restore its force – human or not.”

Anabel, ecstatic that the Elemental of the Abyss was finally given the boot, is wondering how our hero is. “I’m worried that Jeronimo is nowhere to be seen.” What has happened to him? “I think Jeronimo’s disappearance has something to do with the battle. The Elemental of the Abyss must have caused Jeronimo to vanish.” Anabel is determined to find Jeronimo and believes the Mystery Chamber is the key. Maybe the Ghostly Messenger can help.


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LEVEL 57 cont.

The Ghostly Messenger thinks it’s a strange favor to ask to find the innkeeper; after all, “I’m not a private detective.” He sees how much you care about your friend, but “I’m too weak to help you. You’ll have to help me first.” What a surprise, the Messenger has an idea! “I can restore the Mystery Chamber, but it will take a lot of energy. I need the Nature Blessing to restore the Mystery Chamber.” Okay, here’s the deal…”You help me restore my magical power, and I’ll bring back Jeronimo. Do you have a better idea? I didn’t think so.”

Anabel wants some time to think over the Ghostly Messenger’s offer. There may be no choice, but “The stranger claims to be the Source of Sorcery. That worries me.” For the sake of friendship, Anabel agrees to the offer, “I’ll help you restore the Source – but only to help Jeronimo. We must get him back!” Hoping it all turns out okay, Anabel says “Restoring the Source can lead to unpredictable events. That’s what I’m scared of.” Still a little unsure, Anabel wonders “Did the Source tell you how he lost his power? I think he’s hiding something from us.” Resigned to the fact that getting Jeronimo back is the ultimate goal, Anabel finds a missing piece of the power.


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LEVEL 57 cont.

Iron Knight, in the Underground Grotto, is all in for returning the Source of Sorcery’s magical powers. He’s a little busy right now, “But come back before “knight” fall!” The Knight remembers some details, “Father mentioned a magical shard. I need to ask him about it.” The Knight’s father agrees to tell you about the magical shard, if you help him first. “Father said he found the shard after an explosion – but he wants to know who wants it! I’ll have to convince him to give it to you.” The Knight’s father refuses to help imposters just claiming to be the Source of Sorcery. “I think you should present more compelling reasons to Father.” The Iron Knight, “This can’t be true! What happened to Jeronimo? If the shard helps, Father might change his mind.” The Iron Knight’s father says Jeronimo was wearing so many artifacts; surely he must have been protected. In a last ditch effort, a search of the entire castle was initiated, but still Jeronimo was nowhere to be seen. “We must find evidence that Jeronimo disappeared after fighting the Elemental of the Abyss.” Finally, the Iron Knight convinced his father to help, but par for the course, Oeland wants something from you first. “Father is willing to give you the magical shard, but – for a price!” The exchange is made and you have a piece of the Nature Blessing.


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LEVEL 57 cont.

Henry the Archeologist jokes, “If you’re looking for ancient knickknacks, you’re in the right place.” Henry thinks you and he can be of mutual help in his archeological research. “I think my research is connected with yours. We’ll reach our goals together!” Before beginning, Henry asks “Can you help me with my calculations before we start the dig?” If Henry’s calculations are accurate, “we’re near the place where a shard of magical power might be hidden.” Something is wrong, “What’s going on? My artifact detector points in different directions. If we don’t fix my artifact device, the search will take ages.” Henry is positive a powerful magical field broke his artifact detector. Finally back in working order, “If you have something magic, I can test the artifact detector. I knew I could count on you!” After it appears a mighty source of magical power was detected, Henry warns not to jump to conclusions. Always double check, “I hope we don’t dig into trouble.” Henry is glad to give you the shard of magical power and return to his research.


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The Ghostly Messenger has renewed hope of getting the Nature Blessing, but true to his character “Keep searching or Jeronimo will never return!” Doesn’t anyone want to help? Haven’t they heard of “right versus might?” The Messenger is too weak to find the magical shards, but remember “You really shouldn’t keep me waiting. That’s led to unfortunate things before." He can make an assumption about where the shards might be, but an old friend could be of more help. “How could I forget the Guardian? I helped him once – I can do so again.”

Keeper of the Castle has troubles and doesn’t have time for idle chatter. But he seems interested when you mention something about an old pal. “So my old friend sent you” I can’t imagine who that would be! No one fits your description.” What a minute. “Lionel Mercer? He went missing years ago. I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing him.” Apparently, the Keeper has bitter memories concerning this Lionel Mercer person. “I’ve regretted my dealings with Lionel Mercer. I’d advise against making deals with him.” Having piqued your interest, the Keeper continues, “Lionel was the greatest mage of his time, but it was rare that anyone would ask for his help. As you can guess, I’m one of the few who did. Eventually, I turned into this.” The Keeper refuses to tell you what it was he asked of Lionel Mercer, saying “I can’t tell you. It was in our agreement.” But the Keeper is on your side, so if you’re sure you need the magical shard, he will help you find it. “Let me give you some advice. Don’t trust the Ghostly Messenger. I don’t know if this is Lionel Mercer, but be wary anyway.” Knowing the ghost’s help is needed to return Jeronimo, the Keeper gives you another magical shard.


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LEVEL 58 cont.

Uncle Leonard Vesnik says the castle is full of rumors about Jeronimo’s disappearance. “Can I be of service?” You tell him that the Mystery Chamber is the only way to bring Jeronimo back. “I’m not against using the Mystery Chamber. But the Messenger worries me.” Your uncle wants to help Jeronimo, but he doesn’t want others to be hurt. “What if the Ghostly Messenger uses his power against us? A strong magical force like that could destroy the castle!” Your uncle is getting old, and he urges you to find out what the Messenger is up to. “If the Ghostly Messenger is trying to help the castle, I’ll help him!”

The Ghostly Messenger asks how the search for the Nature Blessing is going and suspicion of him doesn’t come as a surprise. “Someone doubts me? How completely expected!” Tersely, he says “Simple is as stupid does. You’re curious why I need this item, aren’t you? The Nature Blessing will make me immortal!” But the Messenger claims he has good intentions, “Immortality doesn’t mean I don’t think about others. My gift will activate the Mystery Chamber. It’s life or death! If you want the Mystery Chamber back, don’t let me die.” He wonders how in the world he can prove his good intentions to you. “I know one thing that might help. I will give you a shard of magical power. Without it, the Nature Blessing is only a souvenir.”


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LEVEL 58 cont.

Uncle Vesnik decides to trust the Ghostly Messenger, “But we better stay alert.” Maybe it’s time for selfish intentions. “What if WE used the Nature Blessing?” Perhaps that was an overreaction; after all, Uncle Vesnik is less than skilled at magic these days. Perhaps the only choice is to collaborate with the Ghostly Messenger. “I came across several notes I wrote about the Mystery Chamber. They weren’t important then. If I can find my notes, we may be able to grab that magical shard.” In a momentary lapse, your uncle says “You’ve always been my favorite. Of course, the others aren’t anything to write home about.” He continues to gather his thoughts in an effort to remember where he read about the magical shard. “Wait! One of the entries mentions a city shop and a rune garden. If we visit both places the note mentions, I’m sure we’ll find the magical shard!” Sure enough, you found another magical piece. After all “diligence always bears fruit.”

The Lost Fairy already knows you’ve come to talk about some mysterious creature. “Fairies are mysterious creatures, are they not? I know how the Ghostly Messenger feels – I want to help!” She says something totally out of character, “I’d like to adorn my sinister pet creature.” Very weird! The Fairy talks about her childhood hobby, “I was quite a statuette collector in my youth. Perhaps you found something interesting.”


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If you add to her collection, she will help with the next magical shard. You bring the Fairy the Thicket Keeper and the Mighty Serpent, “but what we seek prefers to hide.” The Fairy needs magical resources to help find the next piece and a bit of time to focus. “The magic must come from the old city.” Oh dear, the Fairy has overestimated her powers. But she searches a place where no one has searched before, and presents you with the final magical piece to the Nature Blessing.

The Nature Blessing goes to the Limb Entrance and a mighty flash of light aims directly at the Ghostly Messenger.

The Ghostly Messenger says, “Thanks to you, I’m full of energy! I hope you’ll help with the Chamber of Wishes. Give me a few hours – and the Chamber of Wishes will be available.” The Chamber is now waiting! “The Chamber of Wishes is ready to grant you a wish. However, you must have the Rune Scroll. With the Rune Scroll, the Chamber of Wishes will make your wish come true.” The Rune Scroll needs to be filled with runes and, unfortunately, the Ghostly Messenger doesn’t recall where the runes might be. You need to find someone who knows about runes and the Ghostly Messenger has an idea who knows a lot about magic symbols. “I must be going! I hope it all goes well for you and your friend.”


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LEVEL 59 cont.

Arabella, in the Underground Grotto, says if you want to learn more about magic, you’re in the right place! But she needs more information, “I’m a witch, not a mind-reader.” Here’s the problem, “So far, the scrolls I’ve seen have already had the runes written. We’ll have to match the runes, one by one. These need to be linked. I’m sure of it.” Arabella is sure that if enough magical items are found, she’ll be able to figure out which runes are needed. Let’s see, “Runes are usually located in magical places. Only a few know about them.”

The Lost Fairy knows one rune is hidden in the Mystic Fountain. But, “I’m the only one to know about the magical Mystic Fountain. I’ve kept it secret for years. The Mystic Fountain is hidden by a special magical aura. I know how to remove it.” It will take a great deal of effort, and the Fairy will need your help lifting the protective aura from the Mystic Fountain. Just to play it safe, the Fairy flits around looking for some other magic artifacts to take with her. Everything is just about ready to remove the magical seal, when the Fairy suddenly remembers “Nearly forgot – I have to go back to my native forest to help you. Things will mushroom quickly! Come back soon.” The Lost Fairy sets off for the forest and says she’ll let Arabella know when everything is ready. ***The Lost Fairy disappears from Ancient Park***


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LEVEL 59 cont.

Arabella was confident the Fairy could help and will await the Fairy’s special magic sign when she finds the secret place holding the rune. It’s magic time and “The fairy has pointed out where the rune is. It’s hidden from the sight of ordinary folks. The magic stash is open again!” ***The Mystic Fountain rises up in Ancient Park*** You have found one of the runes.

After receiving help from the witch, the Ghostly Messenger says “This means there’s someone you can ask for help when I’m gone.” ***Ghostly Messenger disappears from Limb Entrance***

Anabel, now at the Castle Gates, is excited about the good news. “We have a chance to bring back Jeronimo – we can’t miss this time!” Finding things is in Anabel’s blood, but “How do we find the missing runes for the magic scroll?” Time is of the essence, and the one thing that would help is your Uncle’s Magic Compass.


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LEVEL 59 cont.

Count Vesnik is very interested to hear all your castle tales. When you ask about his compass he says, “The magic compass? Why, I haven’t seen that in a long time. I suppose the compass disappeared! That does happen at the castle!” It appears that the compass is lost forever, but “No need for despair! I made a copy of the compass long ago!” Trying his best to remember, “I’ll think hard on where I put the compass! Oh my, I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached! I’m sure it’s somewhere in the castle. I know! The compass is in the castle dungeon.” Apparently the compass was lost while they were digging to find the Mystery Chamber. Does it still work?

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