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Re:Your Comments and Review for Hotel

[Post New]by pollyuk2 on Jul 15, 11 2:03 PM
too much talking. I kept falling asleep in the speaking bits!

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Hotel

[Post New]by crowtrobot on Sep 10, 11 8:55 AM
Lost me from the beginning. A five minute scene showing the main character at the beach. Boring! Someone else in the forum said you could skip scenes by pressing the spacebar. Too bad the game didn't tell me that at the beginning.

I have never played adventure games; I found this game in the Hidden Object games list. Don't think I will be playing another adventure game. Don't like watching people walk around; I like games that let me feel like I'm actually there, not there by proxy.

Only lasted five minutes before quitting. And most of that was video scenes and loading (why did it need to load twice; once at the beginning and once after I clicked "new game" on the menu? What was it loading the first time?); about 30 seconds was actual gameplay.

I don't think I will be playing any more adventure games.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Hotel

[Post New]by marg6043 on Jan 3, 12 5:11 PM
This game plays like role playing, I enjoyed, it was not and easy game to play, but I like the story line and that was enough to me to keep me interested.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Hotel

[Post New]by doziedoats on Jan 11, 12 3:15 PM
At first I didn't like this game at all. That was because I couldn't even get past the front door. So I decided to give it another go and so after many tries I finally figured it out. Yahoo!! I finally made it through the ending. And not a bad ending at that. Alas, I discovered that the other games are all for PCs and so I guess that will be my only voyage into Cateia land.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Hotel

[Post New]by BayleeMommie on Feb 13, 12 4:42 PM
Maybe I'm stupid or something but when she first got to the hotel, she is (rather I am)walking alll over the place to reception, to room 27, back to reception, etc and the whole time she is carrying this stupid suitcase! I can't get her into the room but I'm not the one carrying the suitcase! I thought the receptionist gave her the key. I guess that is what I get for thinking; as I have been told. har-har You all seemed to really like this game so I'm going to give it more time and read the instructions,too.Yea I am giving my age away..To all the fishies out there -- good swimming in the rain, I am in San Diego.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Hotel

[Post New]by Jurinne on May 20, 12 4:47 PM
All I can do with this "detective" is have her walk around while she is carrying her suitcase and camera. I give up. Evidently she is the worst detective in the world. I can't even get her to put her suitcase down. So she can carry it forever. I tried the hints and all I get is magnifying glasses. Look here. Look there. She stands in front of the clock (holding her suitcase) and stares at it. She makes a silly comment about the bed (while holding her suitcase). She makes a silly comment about the smoke detector (while holding her suitcase).

I'm very happy I gave this one a trial. I've wasted twenty minutes just trying to get her to put her suitcase down. It took me five minutes to get her to pick the key up at the front desk. And then she didn't want to use it at the door of her room. At this rate the game will last for the rest of my life (at least).

Also, I remember those old Sam McCloud shows. He was the one who was having people yell at him all the time. And how he's ordering people around? That is not his character; he was always polite and nice. They've changed him into a tryant. Nasty, obnoxious person.

And what's with all the loading? What happened to whatever loaded the first time? When I clicked on "new game" it loaded all over again. And the scene at the beach? I thought that maybe something important would be said. Uh uh. Another waste of time.

I'm surprised she managed to get into her car and drive it by herself.

What an awful game!

How do I get her to put her suitcase down? I've only got 40 minutes left on the trial and I would like to think I have accomplished something. This game has good reviews but I've read the comments here and on a few other threads and I'm not the only one who can't figure this out.

I've never seen a HOG like this before! And that's probably because this isn't a HOG! So why is it listed under Hidden Object Games?

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Green User??

[Post New]by gstory on Feb 16, 14 6:29 AM
Fun game! Can anyone tell me how to complete the Green User achievement?

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