Stuck in statue room

[Post New]by BethThomlinson on Oct 2, 10 12:57 PM
I"m stuck in a room with statues pretty near the beginning. It has two areas where the cursor changes to the gear, but I can't find what to do. There is nowhere else to click, and I have nothing in inventory to use. One area is on the floor in a circle in the middle of blue flames; the other is a round area on the door in the back.

Help anyone?


Re:Stuck in statue room

[Post New]by chandari_310 on Oct 3, 10 8:04 PM
If it is the room I think I am stuck in, you have to open the back door to get the lever thing to open the circle in the floor where the flames are. I can't remember how I just got the door open, but there is a way.

I'm past that and have solved the puzzle in the floor, but cannot figure out how to get past it. At least I can't click on the puzzle anymore.


Re:Stuck in statue room

[Post New]by hrhqb1 on Oct 9, 10 9:31 AM
Chandari is correct you need to open the back door first. There is a disc that fits in the circle on the back door which you can find in the chest in the mid to upper right section of the screen. That door will open offering you something you can use on the blue flame/circle in the floor. Once you have solved that puzzle you can exit the room by using your new power to blast through the doorway at the back on the left....good luck!

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