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SPOILER ALERT: Some thoughts about which hero to use

[Post New]by ecblisa on Oct 2, 10 2:24 PM
This if for frustrated players (not for those who want to figure things out for themselves) based on my finishing the game four times:

The hammer guy is very good if there are hard obstacles (rocks, chains) spread from side to side. Always try him once or twice on any level you can't solve with anyone else.

The mermaid is the best for tar in general, because she removes a block of obstacles, not just one here and there, or a line. She often wipes out all the tar if you've kept the blob small.

The merman is great for levels where the tar might fill in on the bottom (but hasn't yet), and you want to clear the tiles before they get covered (there are two or three levels like that). You might also try the underworld guy for that.

The musician (who is also the guide) is terrific for levels with a lot of locked bombs (which you need to explode with a bomb), because he eliminates one kind of token, so he makes the others group better. that makes it easier to match 4 or 5.

Tapio (the root guy) has occasionally helped me with a difficult level, as has the lightning guy.

Hope this helps!

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Re:SPOILER ALERT: Some thoughts about which hero to use

[Post New]by Pepper010 on Oct 4, 10 4:01 AM
Ya know, this is another of the facets that make this game such a gem!

How we use heroes and which we like apparently varies. For me, Tapio does the most, followed by Ahti. Ukko, the lightning man, also helps a lot, as done the lord of the underworld guy.

I recently got some good results from the mermaid.

The hearts and arrows guy has been useless to me, but I'll give him another try.

For new players: when the game starts up, they flash a brief hint. Sometimes it's about which hero is best with which problem.


Re:SPOILER ALERT: Some thoughts about which hero to use

[Post New]by clarabow on Oct 17, 10 9:29 AM
My problem is that the 'broef hint' goes through so quickly I don't have time to read it!

Is there anywhere I can read these hints through properly please?

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Re:SPOILER ALERT: Some thoughts about which hero to use

[Post New]by ecblisa on Sep 11, 12 8:43 PM
First, to answer Clarabow -- I agree. the only way to read the hint at the beginning (which can be very helpful) is to stare at the game as it loads and start reading the second you see the words. I know of no "summary" elsewhere.

Now, back to which heroes to use . . . Having played the game about 25 to 30 times (yes, I do love it!), I'll offer this thought: Often, it does not matter. A lot of passing the harder levels is a lucky combination of the hero you choose and the tiles that happen to drop. So when you have to replay a level several times to pass it (there are few of those, but they are nasty!) try playing it twice with one hero, then switching to another hero. It makes it more fun, if nothing else.

Do try to figure out what each hero does. Some will not break rocks, some will not remove tar. Some will break relatively random tiles, others will target more specifically. So try to match the hero to the need. This is where repeat play really helps.

Spoiler alert (specific hints): Since the Finnish names are hard to remember, I'll use the descriptive terms others have. The Hammer guy should always be considered first for vertical rows of obstacles and lots of rocks; also for the advanced levels with the cells that stick out on top. The mermaid may be the best all-around helper outside of the very rock-filled levels. Her whirlpools clear everything within them. The lightning guy is another very good general option if you get stuck.

For the levels with lots of low tar, the god of the underworld can often clear things. The merman is fine for low obstacles, but beware, he does not remove a lot at a time, and may peter out. Yet, he may suddenly come through with luck.

A helper that is easy to underrate at first is the forest god, who makes roots that clear obstacles very well. He can clear some of those tar levels that are very frustrating.

The musician and the lover are two helpers that can be underrated. They don't do much at one time, but you keep getting hero tiles for them. Makes sense they would be very helpful for very long levels (ones without tar, because those tend to be too fast). I prefer the music guy to the lover guy, based on much experience.

Do not get too frustrated that the very hard levels have to be played multiple times. Swith heroes and be cheerful.

One other hint: Make sure you keep stopping the crow. It is sometimes very easy to leave a bomb behind to zap it. You just have to remember it.

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