In the Middle East (India, I think)

[Post New]by PattyKaye on Oct 3, 10 4:47 PM
I have collected all of the items in the room with the dancing goddess, but I cannot progress out of the room. I moved the large statues on each side of the room to the side behind the pillars, but now, nothing moves, nothing sparkles except the opportunity to get more karma stones, which I don't need. I have achieved the power of growing things, too. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd love the help. I like the game.

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Re:In the Middle East (India, I think)

[Post New]by irvingwood on May 11, 12 3:10 PM
I'm stuck there too I think. I've got all 5 powers, so maybe i'm at the end, but it certainly doesn't look it. I've clicked everywhere and there seems no way to go forward. Pretty maddening. It's not a bad game, but I had to skip a couple of puzzles because I couldn't figure out what they wanted. Also used the help function too often, especially when I'm tired. Could really use a walkthrough!

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Re:In the Middle East (India, I think)

[Post New]by icantry18 on Aug 15, 14 9:15 PM
For others who got stuck here: You have all five powers, you are in front of the altar of the dancing Hindu goddess and nothing seems to be asked of you. But, clearly, you need to use your fire power to light the 2 sets of tall candle stands. They will light the smaller lights on the altar platform.

I forget if you have to use wind to raise the curtain behind the goddess, or if it goes up by itself. Once it is up, use your verdant power to make the wall blossom until it takes you to another matching puzzle.

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