Freestyle Circus Stars

[Post New]by slinkletter on Oct 5, 10 10:24 AM
First of all let me say that I have completed the campaigns and have all of the performers, buildings, and so on unlocked.

According to the manual, circus stars in freestyle depend completely on experience. It doesn't display my XP anywhere and I still have zero stars after playing long enough to train almost every performer, animal, and tamer to five stars and to teach most of them every trick they can learn. I even have both baby elephants and both baby lions. I cannot get the baby dolphin because I cannot bring water animals in without improving my big top, which I apparently cannot do at 0 stars.

Is freestyle broken in this respect?

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Re:Freestyle Circus Stars

[Post New]by Leeah_ on Apr 5, 12 12:20 PM
I'm in the same boat as you and I can't find ANYTHING online about experience points display. I can't even get the baby elephants (I unlocked every character in campaign mode). Upgraded all the buildings, steady income and I have BOTH pm and afternoon shows' visitors saying how the show is cool and magnificent. (no negative feedback, no chatoic.)

When I check on the visitors tab, there is still a few visitors that have smiley faces on 0 stars but quite a bunch of smiley faces on half a star. My next "mission" will be to try and get ALL the smileys on half a star and None on 0 stars. Maybe that'll work? =/ I doubt it though because if the manual states that it depends on experience, we should have 5 stars in the circus already!!

Have you figured it out yet? =/

(Btw, I'm in Europe Freestyle Mode if that matters)


Re:Freestyle Circus Stars

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 26, 14 8:37 AM
The XP is located I think under the Manager Actions. It shows how much XP Peter has gained. Each time you use a manager action you use up those points. Like to heal a sick performer, or to praise them etc. That is the only place I have been able to see any type of experience for the manager. I wanted to play freestyle after playing in Europe and it is extremely difficult to gain any stars for the Bigtop since I have to keep spending my experience. How much XP does the manager have to have to even get one? Does anyone know? My performers have almost five stars and it seems it only depends on my manager's XP. I have planted enough trees etc. they no longer ask for those, which should bring in better customers but that isn't working either. I have expanded the shows to say they will come back etc. but still don't gain better customers either. I read the in game manual and it is very bleak.

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