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Levels 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Walkthrough

[Post New]by anntiem on Oct 5, 10 2:04 PM
Level 25
Goal: 1 polished pearl,1shellfish, 10 packaged caviar, 15 black caviar
Goal time: 3:00 (mine: 2:22)
Start with $7500
1. Buy 5 sturgeon
2. Buy 10 jars
3. Upgrade warehouse and boat.
4. Process 10 packaged caviar
5. After collecting the 15th caviar, sell sturgeon and extra caviar.
6. Upgrade boat again and check on the last load that will put you over $10,000 to see if you can afford the $1500 to do the final upgrade and do so.
7. Buy shellfish.
8. Sell shellfish after you get 1 pearl.
9. Buy grinding plant and process the polished pearl

Level 26
Goal: 1 pearl necklace, 1 packaged caviar, 1 sturgeon, 1 shellfish
Goal time: 2:30 (mine: 2:
Start with $9000
This level is very exacting IMO
1. Buy 5 sturgeon
2. Upgrade warehouse once and boat twice
3. Start refinery with 5 caviar
4. Cage and warehouse 6 bears, sell 3 bears.
5. Order 10 jars
6. Boat should be coming back as you are collecting the second set of 5 caviar.
7. Sell sturgeon and bears
8. Click the second set of packaged caviar through the process.
9. Sell everything.
10. Buy 1 shellfish.
11. Build grinding plant.
12. Collect 1 pearl.
13. Sell 1 shellfish.
14. Polish 1 pearl.
15. Buy jewelry plant when boat returns.
16. Make pearl necklace while clicking.

Level 27
Goal: 1 jewelry, 2 pearls, 5 pickled caviar, $10,000
Goal time: 4:00 (mine: 3:49)
Start with $5500
1. Buy 5 sturgeon
2. Upgrade warehouse and boat
3. Start processing pickled caviar 5 at a time.
4. Sell bears and pickled caviar.
5. When you get around $7000 (1 boatload to $10000) sell your sturgeon and remaining highest priced caviar.
6. Buy shellfish.
7. Buy 1 gold.
8. Sell remaining items.
9. Maximize your boat.
10. Process through 1 pearl.
11. Sell 1 pearl and 1 shellfish.
12. Build the fine jewelry plant and click through the pearl and gold.

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Re:Levels 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Walkthrough

[Post New]by anntiem on Oct 5, 10 6:44 PM
Level 28
Goal: 1 caviar butter, 1 fine jewelry, 1 packaged caviar, 2 sushi
Goal time: 4:00 (mine: 3:35)
Start with $10000
1. Buy shellfish.
2. Process 2 pearls, 1 at a time.
3. Sell 2 bears
4. Buy 2 gold bars
5. Sell shellfish after second pearl.
6. Buy 2 sturgeon and 1 salmon
7. Buy 2 jars and 2 butter
8. Sell 2 sturgeon after you get 2 black caviar
9. Process 2 packaged caviar at the same time.
10. At some point you may need to upgrade your warehouse depending on how many bears you have in it
11. Build red caviar plants as you finish with each one and start processing 1 at a time.
12. Buy 1 sushi supplies
13. After selling the 2nd fine jewelry, buy sushi plant. If you’ve sold a few bears as you went along you should have enough.
14. Make sushi.
15. Upgrade boat as much as you can before you sell 1st sushi.
16. Sell sushi.
17. When boat gets back, immediately maximize the helicopter and order 1 sushi supplies.
18. Make 2nd sushi while clicking on plant.

Level 29
Goal: 10 caviar butter, 10 packaged caviar, 6 fine jewelry, 1 shellfish
Goal time: 6:20 (mine: 5:54)
Start with 5 sturgeon, 5 salmon, $50
1. Sell 1 sturgeon, 3 salmon
2. Wait to process stuff 5 at a time.
3. Order 5 butter, 5 jars
4. Upgrade warehouse, you may need to upgrade a 2nd time if you have bear overcrowding.
5. Send for 5 more jars when you put the first set in.
6. Sell packaged caviar
7. Upgrade boat
8. Send for 5 more jars and 5 more butter after you sell the first batch of packaged caviar.
9. Sell remaining salmon when you collect 10. You are going to concentrate on packaged caviar.
10. Keep making and selling packaged caviar. Send for another 10 jars
11. Buy shellfish when you have $10000
12. Buy 6 gold bars
13. Buy plants as you can afford them from selling packaged caviar.
14. Sell your sturgeon at some point.
15. Upgrade your plants to speed them up when you can afford it.
16. Sell your fine jewelry as you get it.
17. Sell your shellfish when you have the last 3 pearls in the plants.


Re:Levels 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Walkthrough

[Post New]by trinitygamer on Jul 29, 13 9:21 PM
For Level 28, you actually need to process 3 pearl sets through all 3 machines using 3 gold instead of just 2 pearl sets. I also completed mine without having to upgrade the helicopter; I only had to upgrade my warehouse and boat once each.
ALWAYS click on machines aggressively. I finished in 3:25. Here's how:

1. Purchase 1 oyster/shellfish.
2. Scatter all 5 bait.
3. Process 1st pearl.
4. Sell 2 bears and warehouse the 3rd.
5. When the boat returns, purchase 3 gold and sell the remaining bear.
6. During this time you should be processing the 2nd pearl, catching the gold bars and processing your 1st pearl through the final machine.
7. Sell the oyster/shellfish and the 4th bear as soon as the 3rd pearl shows on the screen.
8. While processing all 3 pearls, 4 or 5 bears will appear on the screen. Cage all bears.
9. As soon as the boat returns, upgrade the warehouse and boat once each. Sell all pearlized pillows as soon as they're made, along with bears to fill up the other boat slots.
10. Immediately purchase 2 sturgeon and 1 salmon, as well. Also, purchase 2 bowls and 2 butter as soon as your 3 fish have been purchased. (Refill fish food and scatter 5 at a time to fish, only as needed, so you won't waste money.)
11. When the boat returns with your butters and bowls, purchase the sushi machine, and process the 2 black caviar at the same time.
12. Sell both sturgeon, but don't sell the salmon unless you have both red caviar.
13. As soon as the black caviar run through the 1st machine, purchase the 150-coined red caviar machine.
14. When the boat returns and you have enough money, purchase 2 supplies for sushi.
15. When the black caviar is done in the 2nd machine and started in the 3rd, replace it with a red caviar machine. By this time, you should definitely have your 2nd red caviar and be able to sell the salmon if you haven't done so already.
16. After the 2 black caviar have been jarred by the 3rd machine, purchase the 3rd red caviar machine.
17. Once you have 1 buttered red caviar, start processing the 1st sushi in its machine and the 2nd buttered red caviar in its machine. Clicking aggressively on the sushi machine now takes priority over the red caviar until the 1st sushi is done. Then, agressively click 2nd red caviar to hurry completion.
18. Aggressively process 2nd sushi in its machine until complete. (Click sushi quickly when done.)

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