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Wonderful Game!

[Post New]by DoobieBear on Nov 16, 08 4:54 PM
My compliments to the creators and all the people that worked hard on this game. There is so much to love about this game, from the limbs blowing softly in the breeze to the idylic ride down the river on the raft. Thanks to the no time limit I can just relax and enjoy it as long as my little heart desires.

I love the difficulty too. Being the type of person that enjoys finding the items with the fewest hints possible, this game gave me hours of fun without being tedious. It's my #1 favorite all-time game.

Thank you so much for creating such a warm, inviting game that brings back the best memories of childhood in such lovely, lovely artwork.

I can't wait for the next installment and am hoping you have at least 20 more planned! Great game, great artwork, great plot (even if I AM unsure about a "grandma" looking like she does only 10 years or so before ).

Thanks for a job well done. Can you tell I LOVE this game?

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Re:Wonderful Game!

[Post New]by prpldva on Nov 18, 08 1:18 PM
I thought this one was pretty good too. A little too much pop-up dialogue, but not so much I can't deal with it.

If you like this one, you should play Mystery of the Crystal Portal

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