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Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 16, 08 11:00 PM
Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife players.

If you have questions about how to use the forums, please click the FAQ link on the right.

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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by gracealma1 on Nov 17, 08 3:16 PM
I'm in the same boat! I try to get the flying thing to pick up an artifact. I'm not getting anything. And I've wasted 15 minutes trying to play the game. Something is not right on how this starts!

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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by phatkhat on Nov 18, 08 1:29 PM
Didn't work for me, either. I just picked another city and kept playing. Sooner or later you will collect all the pieces, I guess.

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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by itsme07 on Nov 23, 08 9:07 AM
The Luxor series is my favorite -- this game is seriously flawed.
I have downloaded it twice -- first from the developer site --had to ask for a refund! Uninstalled and started over with Alawar -- well I did not start over as the game remembered who I was and where I was in the game -- interesting --but the game from the second site loads much faster. (Mumbo Jumbo, the developer acknowledges there is a problem and "says" there is a fix, but I cannot find it)

I do not like the fact that the game makes you start the "area" process from the beginning if you leave without finishing the entire sequence.
My eye of Horus works fine, but it does not matter, as I have yet to assemble some artifcat which is close to impossible as, the "ship" play and "weaving" play are almost impossible to finish. What is the fun in playing a game that takes almost an hour to finish a certain area, because the paths are so short???
The "magical box" that shows up is almost impossible to see sometime, and or reach as some paths are short and the sphere sequence almost impossible to penetrate and to control.
I will be in Babylon forever, just thought I had beaten it, but lo and behold, I am still missing something. And some part of the artifact is in some city that right now is only a question mark -- won't be getting permission to travel there any time soon

This game is a major disappointment in regards to play.
I have not tried changing the detail, as some have suggested, perhaps I will -- right now I am very frustrated with the thought of the game.
And unless a person owns a computer that is as old as time, the problem is not in the computer, the fault is with the game
(before receiving a refund, I was told to do all of the computer fixes and check drives etc. -- those problems did not exist)
I am not suggesting that I am a wizard at this type of game play, but I do know, I will not be winning any badges for accuracy, as I have to throw away spheres at moments, just to continue play...........
There is also a suggestion out there that says to change ones player name, in order to "clear the air" -- that suggestion is mind boggling--as it would be difficult to "give-up" what one has supposedly accomplished.

If you purchased this game from I would contact customer support.

Happy Gaming and most of all Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by itsme07 on Nov 23, 08 1:36 PM
I have gone back and changed my player name and started from the beginning in the easy mode -- I was playing hard mode in my other identity -- the game is a tad bit easier --spheres are not coming at you quite so fast and the "story" makes a tad bit more sense, there seems to be a sequence to it -- but I am still having to replay Babylon I have asked for a refund from the site I purchased it at -- will have to see. At least I do not have to spend hours trying to get out of the "ship" play board or the "weaving" play board -- and I have seen play boards I have never seen in the hard mode. It still does not save game play properly, as I have conquered Persia twice now.

There are most decidedly problems with the game and that is a shame. The "puzzles" in Luxor 3 were less frustrating (and more fun) than the glitches in Luxor: Quest.


Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by WytnoiZ on Nov 28, 08 10:28 AM
There is nothing (much) wrong with my copy of Luxor 4, which I too got here. If I may be so bold, I think you just don't understand the game yet.

When you first play it, you must really listen to the guide's instructions (or better, just read them onscreen then click next to shut her up). There is also a readme html file in the install directory with additional notes on the game.

Basically, the game is a real PITA unless you find the chariot pieces and assemble. That way, you can go to any previously visited city on the map at will. This means you don't have to replay a bunch of cities to get somewhere - the chariot kind of "beams" you there.

You are right, however, saying there are problems with the game...I mean, the stated object of the thing is to get the 4 canopic jars. In easy mode, I did this with some of the map still unexplored. Anyway, by definition the game should have been finished - and it did kick me back to the "select play mode" screen. When I tried to re-enter (expecting perhaps a new map starting in Medium mode), it instead said I had an unfinished campaign - dropping me back into the completed screen?!?

Anyhow, at the developer's site - MumboJumbo - they have released a retail CD patch and a downloaded-game patch (only good if dl'd there) but say that they have sent the patch out to affiliates (like BFG). I haven't verified this here yet, but might try a re-install for the heck of it.

Hope some of this helps - see MJ's forums for more specifics.


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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by itsme07 on Nov 29, 08 10:32 AM
Hi Wytnoiz (like the moniker) Welcome to the Forums.

My problem was my eagerness--I downloaded the day game was released on MumboJumbo--from Mumbo Jumbo-so I own a file with the original glitch. One problem is it does not save progress--in any mode--easy, hard etc. and that is frustrating.
I own this file without the ability to download patch until customer support from the other site answers question as how to even reinstall game, and have file with fix come attatched. That is also frustrating. (I had uninstalled game and went for time trial at , but without patch in original file-I was in same game that was causing such frustration.)

I thought I paid attention to instructions as I did figure out this was a different type of Luxor adventure.
In easy mode I had collected all of the chariot pieces, never tried the beaming aspect, as frustration level was high by that point. Thanks for the clue.

I will go the forums on MJ-I noticed yesterday that the patch was now on the install page.

It is a perfect example of sticking with and the great support team here. I never thought would get the game so soon after original release.
Oh and learn.
Patience is a virtue, so they say

Happy Gaming!


Fixes for Luxor problems

[Post New]by Roseanne01 on Apr 16, 09 12:35 AM

I read on Mumbo-Jumbo that they have (just) released a fix for Luxor 4 (quest for the afterlife),and I'm wondering when and if it will be available through BFG?

I played the game to it's conclusion with no problems but my other half seems to have got stuck in a loop. He got the third canopic jar but it didn't appear and now it just goes on and on.

Any news?


Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by mystidaniels on Apr 27, 09 11:26 AM
I am playing hard level and the game has a glitch in it I cannot resolve. It does not fully clear a level after winning dem bones and the the field of where ever with the chess spikes that you hit down, then the glitch takes over. Is there a fix? I hate to start over again from scratch.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by CHE77 on May 28, 09 12:04 AM
I keep getting stuck in City of Guiart (probably misspelled) lol. I am playing the medium but will try the hard and see what happens.

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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by msam on Jun 3, 09 2:24 PM
I am somehow lost in the abyss. I have 39+ million points and can't buy any tools - I'm already at maximum. I can't get the last discs - and can't find the thief. How do I move on?


Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by mickie626 on Jul 9, 09 9:27 PM
I have completed everything on all 4 levels but am still missing 4 achievement awards and I know that I completed them. Is there a glitch and how can I fix it.

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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by bjwhitt on Aug 3, 09 8:08 AM

This is what is announced on MumboJumbo's forums. Has BFG gotten the updated version with the fix and patches as of this date, April 29, 2009? I am anxious to get cracking on this game as it has been months waiting for MJ to fix the game.

* Josh Spigener
* CommentTimeApr 3rd 2009

Hi all!

We have a new update for Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife available. This update is still only for the retail CD. If you purchased the downloadable version from MumboJumbo, there is a new version on our website already, so you should be able to uninstall your copy, and download from to obtain the latest version. If you purchased from another portal, such as Big Fish, Oberon, or any others, we will be releasing the build to them ASAP.

You can find the update here:

This fixes crash issues, problems catching the thieves, and the achievements are all working now.

Update away, Luxor fans!


Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by wah1955 on Aug 19, 09 7:55 PM
I love the Luxor series but I am very frustrated with this one, I can't figure out how which city to travel to next! I use the Horus and go over the artifacts that are not complete and then the city they show it to be in is one I cannot travel to! This is my fourth try and I'm ready to give up. I wish the program had better instructions as it does not address the "path" at all or it should just take you to the next city you need to be in. If anyone can help I would be most appreciative. thanks!


Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by archie8 on Aug 24, 09 5:49 PM
I purchased my game from spintop games. its terrible. iI feel the same way. I can't even figure out how to get customer service. It's just not a simple email. I love all the luxor games but when I finally purchased this one i get a messed up game . whats a person to do??????? Does anybody know how to contact spintop through email? would love to hear from anyone.thanks lkytl


Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by diane_marie12345 on Mar 13, 10 5:15 PM
i purchase luxor quest for after life but i cannot play the game

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I give...

[Post New]by FeyKina on Apr 12, 10 6:13 PM
As much as I love this game I have move is just so unclear as to how to finish. I played once all the way through all the cities multiple times and found all the jars, but could not get the artifacts. I played a new game all the way through visted all the cities amny times and got all the artifacts but could not find the jars. Must one visit all the cities over 4 times to win? Give us a break.

Fun to play twice but no more. More instructions needed.



[Post New]by blondie2688 on Sep 4, 10 12:02 AM
I've been playing luxor: quest for the afterlife sometime now but it won't let me move on. i'm still stuck at the beginning.... all the paths are blue except for the the end and it keeps sending me to Memphis and Tyre I've gotten all the magical boxes and it still won't let me beat it. any help is welcome... thanks

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by dohn on May 27, 12 6:17 PM
Hi Folks, I found that if you search "for parts" with the eye of horus, while moving the eye over the map you must right-click as you do it and the missing parts will be illuminated,but the parts I found are all in CITIES I CANNOT REACH,so how do I reach these cities? I've amassed 30million plus points, all weapons are at maximum. So what do I do? I'm at a loss. Dohn.


Re:Welcome to Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife forum

[Post New]by AspectsLink on Jul 18, 12 6:38 AM
This is by far my favorite game, tho at the same time it is also (occasionally) the most frustrating.
Over the hours of playing, have completed 6-7 times each of the various modes, from Easy to Insane.
Here's what happens sometimes... i will 'lose' either/or Sun or Villain... when this happens, it is time to simply begin a New Adventure... yes! there's a glitch in the game, but the rhythm and patterns are very often the only process i can use to get my own inner angst to calm... so i continue to play.
i too have searched for the 'fix' that has been announced by ****... but have not been successful so far... but imo, this one STILL beats most of the other Luxor games...
It all depends on the 'why' we play, i guess.
As far as getting all the various pieces on the board... i don't much concern myself with anything besides Horus and the Chariot... Chariot helps one get behind the villain in order to complete each game... so while i'm chasing the various villains carrying the jars, i gather all five parts of it.
All other games, and we've ordered dozens from BF, tend to become either boring or totally frustrating, so far as general relaxation is concerned... my opinion only.

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