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mac version coming?

[Post New]by Rainbow722 on Oct 8, 10 1:30 PM
Sure wish we could get this for the mac--also waiting for fishdom 2 to arrive for the mac. Please tell me they are coming! I would rather get them here than go to the developers site, but they do have mac versions available.

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Re:mac version coming?

[Post New]by Kymberlie on Oct 9, 10 9:27 AM
I know a lot of us Mac folks are big Fishdom fans, and I also saw that the developer does offer most of the Fishdom series in a Mac version. As far as I know though, they don't have the Mac version of Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea yet. I'm sure it will be coming soon (if they follow suit with their other Fishdom games), and once they have it, hopefully BFG will have it shortly thereafter. I know BFG has been good about getting some games for Mac, but not so great about getting some other games (even on games that offer a Mac version elsewhere). Hopefully this is one that we'll get here. In the meantime, I'm playing the PC version in my PC partition on my MacBook (and I stopped installing the BFG Mac games once they added the game manager anyway. I just wish I'd known we'd be forced to use a Mac game manager, or I would have made my PC partition bigger!). I'd like to see BFG get this game for Mac though, for all of my Mac buddies, and just in case I ever do decide to use the Mac game manager.

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