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Welcome to Dynasty forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 18, 08 5:53 PM
Welcome to Dynasty forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Dynasty players.

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Re:Welcome to Dynasty forum

[Post New]by spinpixie on Aug 29, 09 10:37 AM
I had this game installed as a trial then made the purchase, now it won't run. I get a black screen and when I hit the enter button it just dumps me out in the Big Fish interface. What gives? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times with no effect. Does anyone have a clue? Like I said it ran just fine as a demo! Problems started with the purchase.
Thanks for any clues you can provide.


Dynasty reboots my Win98 computer

[Post New]by wuzjackal on Feb 20, 10 5:41 PM
I've installed Dynasty onto a Windows 98 computer of mine and after a few seconds into playing, the computer just reboots. Happens every time. Any ideas why?

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