Tons of Typos and a Virus -- Beware

[Post New]by Cattriona on Oct 9, 10 10:03 AM
The demo version of this game is riddled with poor spelling and typos -- "enevelope" instead of "envelope", "skrewdriver" instead of "screwdriver", "gogles" instead of "goggles" (twice), "baguet" instead of "baguette", etc. There were also a number of words run together that should have been separate (i.e. "Hotair balloon") and vice versa ("wheel barrow").

A number of items also had bad labels -- a "teakettle" was actually a "coffee pot", a "lantern" was actually a different "coffee pot", a "pylon" was an "orange construction cone", etc. which added to the difficulty in finding the right objects.

There were so many that I kept a list while I did the demo, then tried to go to the developer's website to let them know so they could fix it. When I tried to access their site, however, my anti-virus software popped up and said their site was blocked due to some sort of malware on their website.

I tried this game because I lived in Boston once, and the description promised "travel around Beantown". Forget it -- there are a few black and white Boston skyscrapers visible through a window, and that's it (unless you also count looking for a hidden lobster).

Not worth the effort, even at a DD price.

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Re:Tons of Typos and a Virus -- Beware

[Post New]by peeshee_1951 on Oct 9, 10 11:12 AM
Hi Cattriona and welcome to the pond.
Sorry you didn't like this game. I didn't care for it either. Good idea for a game but just didn't come off well for me.

BTW: A pylon is a orange construction cone. Hope something you like comes along soon.

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Re:Tons of Typos and a Virus -- Beware

[Post New]by Pangaeus on Oct 10, 10 7:06 AM
I concur- I am from the Boston area and was likewise intrigued, but the game fell seriously short.

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Re:Tons of Typos and a Virus -- Beware

[Post New]by LuckyKK on Jan 25, 12 11:26 AM
At first I thought a pylon was an orange construction cone, but then just as quickly, it dawned on me that's it's more of a concrete column, used for supporting things like bridges. I checked online - shows = A pylon is a relatively tall structure at the site of a gate, bridge or avenue (etc.). I've noticed quite a few games have a lot of items listed with the incorrect description. Some are completely off the wall, & really make it tough to find the item. This is especially bad if your hints are limited, or if you're playing a timed game. Also, sometimes, the same item will be listed as two different things... The one that gets me the most, is when they list a crucifix, but they show a cross. True, a crucifix is a cross, however, it also has the likeness of Jesus on it...that one really irks me. Sometimes, a cross is just a cross, but other times not. Anyway, I'm going to give this game a try on the trial version. Happy gaming everyone.

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