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Escape Frankenstein`s Castle

[Post New]by indypeg57 on Oct 9, 10 11:36 PM
I would rather enjoy meeting Frankenstein in my backyard. Cooking him a 6 course
meal, giving him a make-over, buying him a good truck, and finding him a good paying job in Ind., before I`de play this game again. Sorry B.F.,
Instead of a new game every day, most of us, wait for weekend games.
We wait (and don`t mind waiting), for classics. Good graphics,music,hidden objects,and puzzles.
I`m sure, most of us game`ers would rather be called, "clicky pants", than have to start a game all over again, under a new profile, cause we clicked on a scene,
too many times, looking for something.We were told along time ago, click on everything,.. now, we aren`t told either way. So this game caused alot of hassle.
And the loading,...loading,..loading,.. for every hall, room, yadda,yadda, got old quick.
Edgar Allen Poe`s Black Cat Mystery. Was AWESOME!!!
So, I for one, am going to read forums, before I buy , learn more,.. watch video..

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