Burger Bustle Level 58 GOLD

[Post New]by WolfPack208 on Oct 11, 10 10:54 AM
I got gold with no time to spare--3:10. Here's what worked for me:
To start I sent 2 workers to fry as fast as I could click. I sent one to make drinks. I sent a fish to the cheese, a burger to the stand and a chick to tomatoes, so I could make 1 more of each meat (having 3 of each). By then, there are customers, so I moved the drink lady to the front and a fry cook to the condiments (USE KETCHUP!). I made the sandwiches as fast as I could (duh) and then sent the fry cook to make more drinks as soon as all the meat is checked. By then, I think I had enough money to buy another employee. It's best if you can send the fry worker to make drinks and have the meats checked, this way the new worker goes straight to frying and you don't have to waste time moving them around. When I had enough money I bought 1 more employee and sent it to the front to serve. USE THE MUSIC & COFFEE as often as possible. Don't bother catching tips and don't worry about ketchup AFTER you get the 5th employee. No need to buy anything else and it does slow you down a tad to use ketchup and catch tips. If you make a mistake by sending the wrong thing up front or get bogged down on what to do next, quit and replay, there is no room for error with this level.

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Re: Burger Bustle Level 58 GOLD

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Dec 2, 13 8:06 PM
Unfortunately, this is posted in Burger Battle.

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