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The game is too dark

[Post New]by cherbando on Oct 12, 10 2:54 PM
I am having trouble seeing. This game is so dark. I have tried turning the brightness on my color program all the way up but it doesn't seem to affect the game. I see the game has graphics settings but I don't know what they do. I have had this problem with several of the Sherlock Holme's games but not other games. Any one have any suggestions on how to use the settings in the game to lighten it up?

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Re:The game is too dark

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Oct 12, 10 3:04 PM
You need to increase your gamma. I don't know if that's in your game's settings though. If not, it should be in your graphics card's settings (and you may need to set it back after the game).

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