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RPG Gamer Reviews For- Dreamscape

[Post New]by autumn_leaf on Oct 12, 10 5:54 PM
So far so good. I am equipped with a cat as a fighting companion. I find the tinny music a little annoying so will probably turn it off but no matter. I am enjoying this game thus far. And since I am not (apparently) gonna get the dog as a fighting companion (warning: fighting words about to ensue! ) I am really happy. A fighting cat is great! A fighting dog......I'd probably lose......he's just wanna sniff poop.....ect. (Can you tell I am a cat purrson?)

Game controls are fairly standard, I don't have a hard time saving, loading, exiting or equipping. Many different modes to play in- if you're experienced all the way down to not.....then you are good to go in this game. I usually play in wimp mode just because I am not much for fighting death battles and prefer going on the story.......I usually use the cheat caves just because I don't really want to be having death battles every five seconds trying to advance a few crummy points.......Please continue to post in here your reviews as you play this game. I will keep you posted! Off to play......

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Re:RPG Gamer Reviews For- Dreamscape

[Post New]by synthesis1 on Oct 12, 10 9:48 PM
This is a repost, but considering what's happened to the actual review thread, I'm pretty sure most of the constructive posts are getting lost. (I know Nutshell had some good comments in there).

I am very much enjoying this game, but then again, I love rpgs .

It has several things that are different from many of the rpgs. First, I believe this is also made by Indinera who makes the Millenium and Laxius Games (saw Marine in the tutorial). One of the things I love about her games is the Rush option in the battles, which lets you just click it and all your characters automatically fight the round. This is great when you are battling lower level creatures and get sick of having to go through the fight option for each character.

Next, while the concept may be typical (you enter a character's dreams/imagination), I found the gameplay, once you get going, quite different. You use the headphones to alternate between different characters' dreams. With some characters, you simply get a room with lots of goodies to rejuvinate health and magic. With others, a whole new dream world. Once you get going, you alternate between different dream worlds, picking up pieces here and there to help you move on in other dream world.

Also, you can't pick up and carry around rejuvination items that are on the ground. Instead, you use them right away. So, if you want to save them for later, don't walk on them. At first, I found this a bit annoying (I got into a little trouble and didn't have any items), but there are various people from whom you can buy similar goods that you can carry.

Finally, the characters are very interesting, and the dialogue/story entertaining, and often quite funny. After all, you do have a cat and a "Viking" mouse on the same team. Trying to figure out how to progress, at times, can be quite confusing, but after all, the game is including puzzles, so to speak, for the gamer to figure out.

One thing that would be nice is a menu that reminds you what the different items on the ground do and how much of either health or magic they are restoring. I keep forgetting, then have to walk over things to remember, which wastes them.

Gameplay is quite simple. You can use a mouse (I don't know how well that works because I just use my keyboard). The arrow keys move your character around. Esc brings up the character menu, and space bar lets you talk to people, pick up certain items, etc. I think someone mentioned that f5 brings up an options menu (I haven't chec

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Re:RPG Gamer Reviews For- Dreamscape

[Post New]by synthesis1 on Oct 12, 10 9:57 PM
hehe. Apparently I was too long winded, cuz it cut off my post. But anyway, I've played a bit farther than in the original post.

At first, I was a bit dismayed because one of the things I love about the rpgs is wandering through all the little towns (okay, so I'm an rpg voyeurist) and talking to all the people. There isn't so much of that in this game--at least not at the point that I've gotten to.

However, I think the innovations in this game do very much outweigh the things I, personally, missed. The game really does heavily rely on you solving puzzles (i.e. finding missing pieces and figuring out how/where they should be used) much more than most rpgs I've played. This factor, I feel, is very refreshing and makes for some great challenges (and yep, I'm currently stuck and trying to figure out just what I missed).

I also like that it doesn't walk you through things in baby steps. I know, for some, this just makes things confusing, but to me, it adds to the gameplay because I have to figure out what it is that I overlooked so that I can progress.

And, Autumnleaf is right--it is very refreshing not to have little mushy boy-girl romantic things snagging up half the story line, as these often can come across a tiny bit juvenile. Instead, the whole story is launched because the boyfriend is missing, yet the main character does not spend all her time going "woe is me . . ."

So basically, I guess what I'm saying is that the characters are nicely developed and really seem to have a snarky sense of humor

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Re:RPG Gamer Reviews For- Dreamscape

[Post New]by memawclay2 on Oct 13, 10 5:36 AM
Ok, so I'm a good 12 hours in play, pausing for a fresh pot of coffee.
I am amazed and delighted with this game though I do wish I hadn't chosen wussy mode- my future replay will be the #3 difficulty level because I'm not a masochist, some of these bosses put up a good fight.
As with all of Indinera Falls' games, after a brief story setting prelude, you rapidly become immersed in a rich and variable landscape. Each new setting profuse with color, exotic plant life, wondrous buildings and winding roads that beg to be, so I waste a lot of time sightseeing !! This tourist does take mental notes of unusual formations and unpassable barriers for future returns.
I like the color coded monster icons, purple being the tough monsters who usually are guarding something nice.
The battle mechanics are flawless, easily overridden using [esc] if one wishes to change battle tactics, the Rush option a joy and the "OMG, RUN AWAY" button for those rare times when retreat is the better part of valor.
Novice players may have difficulty understanding the game play in general. Introducing Marine, as tutorial instructresse, was truly a classy touch -kudos- but her instructions were a bit brief. Seasoned players shouldn't have a problem but I had an "oh, duh" moment when I finally realised I had FAILED to explore MY OWN dream.

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Re:RPG Gamer Reviews For- Dreamscape

[Post New]by twin_mom on Oct 13, 10 6:08 AM
What a great idea. A thread for those that like the genre of a game. I know RPGs aren't for everyone (just like any other genre) so it's fantastic to know that I'm reading reviews from those who love them as much as I do.

Thanks. Now off to download.

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Re:RPG Gamer Reviews For- Dreamscape

[Post New]by cyndisa on Oct 13, 10 10:21 AM
I posted some comments in the review thread, too, (if you can find the actual game-related comments there) but will expand upon those here. The inability to carry items really IS hard to get used to; but once you do, it becomes second-nature to avoid going near the healing items on the ground until you really need them. I found it hard to remember which items are for HP and which for SP, but Nutshell has posted some tips and hints in another thread that detail what each item is for. Thanks, Nutshell!

It's a good thing that you can find some vendors with things for sale that you can carry with you. If it weren't for them, I think I'd be constantly touching Pinkie.

On that note, does anyone know just what the adverse effect is that touching Pinkie brings? I need to check the game developer's forums and see what I can find there.

This next part may just be standard procedure in RPG's, but as I'm relatively new to the genre, I don't know. It was a bit irritating to have the game offer to allow me to use the headphones on the sheep in Athena's dream but since I said no the first time (I was busy doing something else and didn't want to get distracted in another dream at the time), it will not offer again. I wanted to go back to the sheep's dream, but I guess my first no was enough to eliminate that possibility. That ornery sheep just baa-a-a-a's at me.

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Re:RPG Gamer Reviews For- Dreamscape

[Post New]by Nutshell on Oct 13, 10 11:11 AM
LOL I also left some comments in the other thread. Basically I totally loved this refreshingly strategic approach of gameplay that Dreamscape offers.

I agree that the not carrying items takes a while to get used to - specially if you're like me and obsess about getting everything in a game... But indeed there are some items for sale and on top of that I found Peeboo's carrot spell very useful as it basically morphs your enemies into carrots that you can collect and carry in your inventory - each carrot will heal a few HP as well as cure ill status if you get it.
You have to admit it's not every game that lets you morph Jack the Ripper into a carrot that you can eat!

Then I really liked the visuals and music of the game, as well as the script. I thought that characters were really well developed and just wonderfully witty! Apart from Erin you'll play with Athena the snarky spell-caster cat, Peeboo the pompous Viking mouse and Clochette the elderly lady clover.

Enemies are fun too: Al Capone, Jack the Ripper, King Kong and Bigfoot come to mind!

As for the game's rewards they're different for each mode and are better if indeed you don't touch Pinkie the healing crystal.
Basically for each completed difficulty mode you'll then get a choice of 3 different items (in chests in Lostham when you start your new game). On top of that if you didn't touch the crystal you'll unlock a new character to play with, however the only minus I found was that they didn't interact much and that dialogues remained restricted mainly to the 4 initial characters. The new characters were however more powerful and as such a great help to pass higher difficulty levels.
Erin will also get a medal on her chest in the title screen for each level you complete.
Finally if you finish Nightmare Mode with no bonuses and without touching Pinkie (really really hard) you'll unlock an extra dream world - the gates of hell.

@Cyndisa - The sheep offers you 3 different dialogue options for Athena to choose from. Each will lead to a different outcome just for the sheep purpose alone. Best answer is the middle one, which will allow you to revisit her dream anytime! Only other instance to watch out for is a seller in London who will be spooked and go away if you try to use the headphones on him! I actually enjoyed these little different outcomes as I thought they added to the game's replayability!

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