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Slot Machine Problem

[Post New]by JennEdge on Oct 14, 10 9:02 PM
Am I the only one who literally sat here for almost 40 minutes trying to get all three keys to line up? I almost shut the game down and gave up because it had me so angry! Other than that...good game and good length.

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Re:Slot Machine Problem

[Post New]by LadyReah on Oct 14, 10 9:23 PM
No Jenn you're not. I have played that slot more times than I can count and still cannot get the keys. I have gotten three 7's many times, but no keys.

I think this might be another glitch in the game. I already had one glitch that caused me to start over and now this one. Hopefully the BF techs are working on all the problems that seem to be cropping up.

Jenn, be sure to post your problem in the stickied thread here for technical problems. That's the one thread the techs are most likely to read.

P.S. Welcome to the Pond!

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Re:Slot Machine Problem

[Post New]by rlk0045 on Oct 16, 10 4:02 PM
The first time I played the game I was able to get 3 keys in a few minutes. I am playing the game for the second time today. I am not having any luck. I been trying to get 3 keys for about 30 minutes. I am about ready to give up.

I started the game again with a new profile and had no problem in getting the 3 keys in a few minutes.

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