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Chapter 7 Can't get into bedroom

[Post New]by hd2222 on Oct 15, 10 9:28 AM
I used the flamethrower on the bees BEFORE I attempted to enter the bedroom with the gas mask. Now, when I try to enter same, I'm thrown out. Must you follow the exact order of steps in the strategy guide to prevent this from happening? Is there a solution to my problem without starting over under a new profile? I have experienced NO problems thus far ...........and I'm so near the end. Oh-h-h, what a bother!

Any help appreciated, and thanks.

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Re:Chapter 7 Can't get into bedroom

[Post New]by ScaniX on Oct 15, 10 3:37 PM
How exactly do you use the gas mask?
You should be able to enter the room and then use the gas mask "on the room".
If this does not work, you can only start from an older savegame...

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