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Re: Stuck at Fire Potion Spell

[Post New]by Diddery on Oct 16, 10 4:29 PM
I have just got the recipe for the Fire Potion and I have tried and tried to make it but I always, always come up with ONE FISH short. I have gone into it over and over again and tried to do it every which way but to no avail as I am always left with the ONE FISH SHORT. Because of this I cannot now finish the game as I have not got the OIL POTION that i need to advance into the temple. Can anyone out there help or has anyone got any suggestions???

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Re:Re: Stuck at Fire Potion Spell

[Post New]by sinshack on Oct 16, 10 6:34 PM
Some of the fish don't look like traditional fish - some are tropical, so go for bright red or blue oval things, they could be fish.

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